Man fuming after being charged extortionate price for beans on toast

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Beans on toast is known for being one of the most affordable meals out there.

So when a man was charged £11 for his breakfast at a restaurant, he wasn’t impressed.

The small portion consisted of one slice of toast, minimal beans, an egg and a swirl of sauce.

Seasoning, including what looks like chilli flakes, also peppered the top of the dish.

Despite it being a posh take on beans on toast, the diner complained about the €12.95 he had to stump up.

On Reddit, the irritable punter asked: "What's happening with prices in Dublin? Just paid 12 Euro for this!?"

According to DublinLive, people had mixed reactions to the post.

Some blamed the diner for ordering the dish in the first place, while others defended the price.

One said: "More fool you for buying that sh**e."

A second commented: "Was just gonna say, someone pays that price, so they charge it. Witchcraft!"

A third said: "When you saw a fried egg on toast for €12 on the menu and you ordered it, what were you expecting?"

And a fourth accused: "You probably passed 10 reasonably priced restaurants before choosing this pretentious cafe."

Others hit out at the restaurant’s pricing though.

One Redditor commented: "Jaysus, wouldn't cost that much for a full loaf a full tin of beans and a dozen eggs."

A second said: "You'd feed 3-4 people a full Irish for that price."

And a third added: "It would cost less than 5 quid for what you mentioned. This is why the restaurant industry is failing.

“They buy the same stuff we do from the same stores also and sell it for extortionate prices as hipster food. We're the saps for buying into it."

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