Mum spends £785 on daughters Christmas presents after buying first gift in June

A woman revealed she's spent just under £800 on one of her kids for this Christmas.

For the past six months, mum A'leasha has been adding gifts to the stash on the top of her wardrobe.

She picked up the first present for her kids during the Big W Toy Mania sale back in June.

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Since then, whenever A'leasha sees something interesting, particularly for her three-year-old daughter, she buys it.

But she has no regrets as she just wants her kids to have an "extra-special" day.

She told Kidspot: "So I was surprised to realise I'd spent around £785 ($1,400 AUD) on my daughter's Christmas gifts."

A'leasha wants to make this Christmas special for her daughter as it is the first year they won't be with their families.

Usually it's Christmas Eve with A'leasha's in-laws with the girl allowed to open one gift from her parents before bed.

Then on December 25, A'leasha's family come for breakfast and the celebrations continue.

The Queensland mum bought her child pyjamas, a trampoline, climbing frame, dress-up costumes, dolls and LEGO.

She's also purchased her the Mr Potato Head game, clothing, Bluey figurines and books.

As for her newborn son, A'leasha says he's "too young to realise it's Christmas".

She's only bought him £112 ($200 AUD) worth of gifts, including clothes, rattles, baby toys and a Jumperoo.

The mum added: "He'll be able to use the trampoline and climbing frame when he's old enough."

Now speaking about how others might criticise her spendings, she wants to remind them it's about circumstances.

She concluded: "If you can do it within your means, then I don't see an issue with any amount.

"As long as you are able to afford what you are buying, sure, go ahead!

"Just don't brag to others how much you have spent or bought who cannot afford as much as you."

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