My date ordered 53 fried pickles – things took awful turn when I went to loo

A bloke described the moment his date took a turn for the worst.

Zakir Siddiqui claimed his date turned out to be a 'catfish' who ordered 53 fried pickles. And to make matters worse, she then scarpered and left him with a hefty bill.

The TikToker, who often shares tales from his rocky love life, met a girl on the Bumble dating app and decided to meet up. But things quickly went south when the woman, referred to as Sydney, arrived an hour early and seemed miffed he wasn't there to greet her.

To add to the awkwardness, Siddiqui noticed she looked only "10% like her pictures", branding her a catfish. In the viral video, which has racked up 4.6 million views, he revealed the "worst date ever" went awry when it came to ordering food.

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Despite being their first meeting, the woman decided to treat herself to her favourite snack — fried pickles. However, according to Siddiqui, she ordered a whopping 53 of them, even though they come in orders of six.

The date got even worse when she started being rude to the staff over her unusual pickle request. He said: "When the server let the woman know they only came in orders of six, Sydney became heated.

She snapped: 'Why can't you just f***ing put it on a plate? It's not that hard." Just when Siddiqui thought the disastrous date couldn't get any worse, he returned from the loo to find 'Sydney' had done a runner – and nicked the pickles.

He was left with a whopping £120 bill ($140). Stunned by the bizarre date, he shared the story with his TikTok followers who were quick to share their thoughts.

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One viewer joked: "She sure put you in a pickle there." Another added: "You need to FaceTime before you go on these dates dude!!!!"

A third commented: "You should be able to rate someone on bumble after you have a date with them. Lol." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "My worst fear is someone saying I don’t look like my pics tbh."

The news comes after a woman has shared the mortifying story of her first (and last) date with a man who bought 100 tacos with her money. Elyse Myers @elsyemyers says she met the guy on a dating app and was charmed when he said: "I like your face, let's go get some food."

He suggested he drove them both to a restaurant, but when Elyse got to his house he had apparently "lost" his keys and asked her to drive him both to a place to eat. But when they got there things went from bad to worse as he ordered 100 tacos and prentended to lose his wallet so she would pay.

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