My date told me to dye my hair as he prefers blondes – so I did the reverse

Everyone has their preferences when dating – whether we realise it or not.

Some go for looks, while others gush over personality.

However, this woman shared that her date's desires went a little too far.

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The stunning brunette claimed the lad she was seeing wanted her to dye her hair lighter as he preferred blondes. But, she had other ideas.

In a viral TikTok video, the woman explained how the request from the potential lover spurred her on to change the colour of her locks.

"He told me to dye my hair lighter because he likes blondes more," she wrote.

The dark haired beauty then hit the shops to purchase some hair colour – but she didn't pander to his wishes.

As she filmed herself applying the mixture, the woman admitted: "I went darker because I don't care what he likes."

In defiance, the woman flaunted her nearer to black long tresses.

"The only point of this video is: do what ever YOU want to do", she voiced.

"I wanted my hair darker so I did it."

If she had made her point clear enough already, the woman then savaged in the caption: "And I like your best friend more."

Impressed by her transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise her for not giving into her date's demands.

One person commented: "I was really hoping that’s what you would do."

Another user cheered: "Good job girl."

While a third shared: "Guy told me he liked blondes with long hair so I cut 16 inches of hair off."

Someone else said: "That's the energy we want and need."

Meanwhile, a fifth related: "I had a boyfriend tell me if I went brunette from blonde he would leave me.

"I did, then I dumped him and went back to blonde a month later."


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