People are struggling to find correctly spelled word in tricky optical illusion

Optical illusions aren't supposed to be a walk in the park.

Some require people with sharp eyes to spot what's going on, while others are slightly easier.

But we're not here to sugarcoat the latest optical illusion which has gone viral as it's actually quite hard.

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The tricky puzzle features the word "bingo" misspelled 221 times – but one of the words is correctly spelled.

It's challenging people to take a closer look to spot the word in under five seconds.

Make sure you let us know how you get on with the optical illusion in the comments below!

We're not joking when we say it might leave your head spinning after a few seconds, but if you find it, well done!

In fact, those who spot it in rapid time are classed as the "smart ones".

Fancy yourself a hint? Try looking somewhere on the left-hand side.

But if it's still tough, scroll down below for the answer…

The answer to the mind-boggling puzzle has been circled so you can sigh in relief that it's all over.

However if you liked that brainteaser, we've got more.

In a recent snap, only people with sharp eyes can find the wolf among the racoons in five seconds.

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The wolf can be identified by its face, lack of mask on the eyes and different coloured ears.

And another optical illusion is hiding 12 animals as the first one spotted says a lot about you.

Created and shared by Jackpotjoy, the illusion has been inspired by the famous Myers Briggs animal personality test.

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