Phoebe Waller-Bridge refusing to put down her Emmys in the new SNL promo video is a serious mood

Ahead of her Saturday Night Live appearance alongside Taylor Swift on the 5 October, Phoebe Waller-Bridge reminded everyone of her recent Emmys win in an amazing new promo video.

Fresh off her incredible night at the 2019 Emmy awards, the iconic Phoebe Waller-Bridge is making sure to remind everyone about her recent success.

In an amazing new promo video for her guest-host of Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 5 October, Waller-Bridge is shown refusing to put down her three Emmy awards as she speaks to producers and brainstorms ideas for the show, and it’s officially hilarious.

One incredible moment from the clip shows Waller-Bridge in the middle of a conversation about the show only to say “water, water,” so one of the show’s newest cast members Chloe Fineman has to bring the glass over to her and hold it up to her mouth – because, of course, when you’ve won three Emmys, who has the time to put them down?

Throughout the video she’s shown gripping them in her arms as she’s pitched a sketch and refusing to put them down when she needs to press a lift button.

If the promo video’s anything to go by, Waller-Bridge’s SNL appearance is set to be just as sharp comedy-wise as her award-winning hit Fleabag.

It was first announced that Waller-Bridge would be hosting SNL back in September, when we found out that the British comedian would be collaborating with Taylor Swift as the show’s musical guest. As you can imagine, we were immediately obsessed – and so was the world-famous pop star, apparently.

Taking to Twitter to share the announcement, Swift wasn’t afraid to lose her cool.

“Ever since I saw Fleabag, I’ve been all ‘I can’t wait to see this woman host @nbcsnl’,” the Lover singer wrote.

“It’s happening now + I get to be there too = I am in shambles,” she added. 

So it’s confirmed: Taylor Swift is still just as obsessed with Phoebe Waller-Bridge as we are, so it’s all good.

Swift first revealed her love for everything Fleabag and Killing Eve (both of which Waller-Bridge created) in a May 2019 interview with EW.

“I’m really, really obsessed with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her writing,” she said – and honestly, same. “She makes you crack up, shocks you, and breaks your heart all in the span of a few minutes in [Fleabag].”

Although Swift has appeared on the show multiple times in the past (twice as a musical guest and once to host the show), this will be Waller-Bridge’s first SNL appearance. The late-night comedy show features a series of comedic sketches, satirical news and digital shorts – all of which the show’s host performs in, too.

There’s also the show’s opening monologue to look forward to, and if Fleabag has given us any idea of the kind of comedic content we can expect from Waller-Bridge’s opener, there’ll be a lot of glances to camera and awkward pauses.

And we can’t bloody wait.

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