Prince Harry says psychedelics are fundamental part of his life

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Prince Harry recently spoke openly about his recreational use of psychedelics.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, revealed during an online chat with trauma expert Gabor Maté Saturday that drugs have helped him deal with his past traumas.

“It was the cleaning of the windscreen, the removal of life’s filters — these layers of filters — it removed it all for me and brought me a sense of relaxation, relief, comfort, a lightness that I managed to hold back for a period of time,” he shared.

“I started doing it recreationally and then started to realize how good it was for me,” Harry added.

“I would say it is one of the fundamental parts of my life that changed me and helped me deal with the traumas and the pains of the past.”

“They’re unlocking so much of what we’ve suppressed.”

Meghan Markle’s husband recently admitted to taking other drugs — such as cocaine and marijuana — as a teenager in his bombshell book, “Spare,” which was released in January.

In the memoir, the royal recalled how British tabloids portrayed his father, King Charles III, as a “harried single dad coping with a drug-addled child” when Harry was 17.

However, the duke confessed that he was “of course … doing cocaine around this time.”

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The father of two wrote that he was first offered the drug “at someone’s country house, during a shooting weekend.”

“I’d been offered a line, and I’d done a few more since,” Harry previously revealed, calling drug use not “much fun.”

The military pilot said that although coke didn’t “make [him] particularly happy,” it did “make [him] feel different,” which he says was his “main goal.”

Harry also wrote about trying magic mushrooms while attending a party in the home of Courtney Cox. At the time, the Invictus Games founder claimed that he was told the “Scream” actress was “traveling, on a job” and didn’t mind if he stayed at her place.

To his surprise, Cox showed up and invited a few friends over for a get-together, during which Harry said he discovered a box of “black diamond mushroom chocolates.”

“My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, washed them down with tequila,” Harry wrote, before recounting his hallucinations, which included a trash can transforming into a head.

“I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin. I laughed,” he added.

A month after the memoir’s release, Cox revealed that she was not the one who supplied the psychedelics to the prince.

“I’m not saying there were mushrooms!” the “Friends” alum, 58, told Variety in an interview published Feb. 27. ”I definitely wasn’t passing them out.”

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