Prince Harry's Goal Is To Make Meghan Markle Feel 'Happy, Safe and Comfortable,' Says Royal Source

It is every husband’s priority to make their wives as happy as possible, and Prince Harry is no exception. It was evident from the beginning that when he met his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, she was the apple of his eye. There was just about nothing that Prince Harry wouldn’t do for Meghan, and fans could see by looking at photographs of the two of them how much the prince really adored her.

Over the last few years, we all know that Meghan and Prince Harry have gone through many ups and downs. In the beginning stages of their relationship, they faced the difficulty of media scrutiny, and when they got married, they had to deal with the Markle family drama.

Things haven’t really calmed down for the duke and duchess, and through it all, Prince Harry has stuck by Meghan without question. Their relationship is as solid as can be, and even with all the turbulence, it is safe to assume that Meghan and Prince Harry’s love still runs deep. Now, not surprisingly, a royal source says that Prince Harry’s goal is to make Meghan feel “happy, safe, and comfortable.”

In love from the very beginning

By the time that fans learned that Meghan and Prince Harry were dating, they were already pretty serious about each other. We all know the story of how they were introduced on a blind date, and as we know, meeting someone in that type of situation can be stressful, to say the least!

However, as Prince Harry said in the couple’s engagement interview, he was “pleasantly surprised” when he saw Meghan for the first time, and obviously, she was pretty smitten as well. According to Town & Country, it wasn’t long before Meghan met the rest of the royal family, and she and Prince Harry knew that they were in love.

As the world watched and waited on the edge of their seats, Prince Harry and Meghan finally announced their engagement in November 2017, and they married a few months later. It was just about a year later that the couple welcomed their first son, Archie Harrison, and to this day, their relationship is going strong.

Prince Harry defended Meghan on more than one occasion

Back when Meghan and Prince Harry were still dating, the media was already pretty harsh regarding their relationship. According to Time, it was in November 2016 that Prince Harry decided that he had enough and released a statement in Meghan’s defense.

Although she was famous in her own right long before ever meeting her now-husband, the massive attention that Meghan was receiving as Prince Harry’s girlfriend was unimaginable. Unfortunately, the negative comments and harassment didn’t stop, and even after they were married, Prince Harry continued to defend his wife. 

Things got so intense, in fact, that Meghan and Harry made the shocking decision to split from the royal family, and they announced their departure early in 2020. 

Prince Harry’s goal is to make Meghan feel ‘happy, safe, and comfortable’

Now that Megxit is official, Prince Harry and Meghan have escaped the glaring spotlight of the royal family, and it seems that they couldn’t be more delighted. Now, a royal source is saying that it has actually always been Prince Harry’s goal to make Meghan feel as ‘happy, safe, and comfortable’ as he could.

US Weekly reports that Prince Harry’s actions definitely back up what is being said since he is always willing to do whatever is in his wife’s best interest. He was her biggest fan as they embarked on the newest chapter of their lives, even advocating for her Disney voiceover work.

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