Pub lovers encouraged to find a local green pub to help with sustainability

Nearly one in five customers claim they now check a pub’s green credentials before visiting for a pint or meal, according to research.

The poll of 2,000 people found that 49 percent are more inclined to buy goods or services from a sustainable business over one which isn’t, with 38 percent willing to pay extra for it.

But 53 percent are unaware of the environmental impact of visiting a pub, bar or restaurant, and 30 percent feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting advice over what is sustainable. 

The research was commissioned by this year’s Green Pub Guide powered by SmartDispense, created to help showcases pubs striving to reduce their carbon footprint, minimise food waste and increase their recycling rates.

Chelsey Wroe, head of sustainability at HEINEKEN UK, said: “Brits are passionate about sustainability – and this extends to pubs, bars, and restaurants.

“There are many ways pubs can be more environmentally conscious – through the products they sell, how they operate and being more energy efficient.

“Ordering a pint at the bar is something millions of us do, but do we ever think about how that beer gets into the glass?”

Avoiding single-use plastics, keeping social events local and walking to a venue were the top ways respondents would be open to being more sustainable.

The study also revealed that attitudes towards sustainable businesses extended beyond pubs, bars, and restaurants.

A third consider incorporating more eco-friendly practices into their daily life but end up struggling to action these.

Chelsey Wroe from HEINEKEN, creators of the SmartDispense system which it claims can save pubs an average of 6,500 pints of water a year, added: “We want to encourage pub lovers to get down to their local green pub – whether near home or visiting a new spot – to support their mission and find out about some of the innovative and exciting things they are doing to make their pub more sustainable.

“This study highlights the desire that so many of us have to do more to protect the future of our planet, but it also reveals a lack of confidence in our own understanding and ability to implement more sustainable practises in our daily lives.

“Every person – and every pub – is at a different stage in their environmental journey.

“The fact so many people consider the need to be ‘green’ is a massive leap forward in attitudes and one that we hope the Green Pub Guide can help support.”

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