Shoppers delighted as they discover they can buy the ‘I am Kenough’ Barbie movie jumper

We’re going to assume that even if you haven’t got round to watching the Barbie movie yet, you’ve seen people discussing everything from the music to the characters to the absolutely flawless costumes seen on both Barbie and Ken alike.

And whilst everyone can’t get enough of Barbie’s collection of incredible outfits, there’s one particular Ken item that has fans desperate to know where they can buy it – his tie dye hoodie.

The rainbow coloured hoodie, which bears the slogan I am Kenough on it, is worn by Ryan Gosling towards the end of the film as his character has an epiphany that he too is more than just “beach”.

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Although he’s wearing it during the emotional end of the movie, fans have been flooding TikTok saying they couldn’t stop thinking about where to get his hoodie.

One TikToker said “Literally couldn’t cry at the end of Barbie because all I could think of is where I’m gonna get a hoodie with I am Kenough on it,” whilst another shared a video featuring a clip of Ken wearing the hoodie, captioning it: “Don’t be shy, GIvE US THE HOODIE,” before adding: “I’m begging you, I NEED THIS!”

It seems plenty of Barbie fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the hoodie, and the good news is the official Mattel shop – creators of Barbie and Ken – came through, with the exact hoodie appearing on the website.

The Barbie The Movie “I Am Kenough” Unisex Hoodie, £49 here, is available in sizes XS-XXXL, but, before UK fans get too excited, the hoodie is only available for pre-order, and when you head to the UK Mattel website it tells you the hoodie cannot be shipped to our country.

You can however order it directly from the American Mattel site for$60 here, which will ship it to the UK, just with an additional shipping fee of $10-$20 depending on which postage option you choose.

The hoodie will be shipped on or before September 29 2023, so you may be waiting a little while before your official hoodie arrives on your doorstep.

Don’t despair though; as expected, the internet has already come through with dupes of the item, and although they may not be the official I am Kenough hoodie, they're a pretty close alternative for fans who want a version of the hoodie to wear now.

For starters, eBay is already awash with tie dye unisex hoodies bearing the slogan, and some sellers who have pre-ordered the hoodie from Mattel have already listed it on the reselling website.

However these resales of the official jumper come with a pretty eye-watering price increase (£165 upwards seems to be the average price), so you need to purchase at your own risk.

There are however plenty of dupes, including this size small I am Kenough hoodie, £34.99 here, that looks almost identical but isn’t made from the thick fleece material that the official hoodie is.

You can also head to Amazon, where you can get a more traditional tie dye patterned version of the I am Kenough hoodie, £44.99 here, which is available in sizes S-XXL.

Looks like it’s time to embrace some of that Kenergy!

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