Spoilers: Dipi's heartbreak as Pierce leaves Neighbours

Dipi’s (Sharon Johal) world has been turned upside down by her affair with Pierce (Don Hany), but for the most part she has no regrets. In fact, she’s looking to the future, and she sees it with Pierce. But he has a shock in store for her coming up in Neighbours.

The pair are in very different places. While Dipi is ready to call a stop to her marriage to give her whirlwind romance with Pierce a go, he’s done and ready to walk away. He’s caused so much damage to so many lives that he feels he can no longer remain in Erinsborough, and he definitely doesn’t see a future with Dipi.

Pierce breaks the news to Dipi that he still truly loves Chloe, not her. She’s absolutely crushed and left feeling like an idiot having been prepared to give up her whole family for him.

But Pierce has got another devastating blow up his sleeve – not only does he not love her, he no longer wants to be anywhere near her. He’s leaving and moving to Sydney because his marriage to Chloe is over and he feels there’s no place for him here.

Dipi is devastated.

News of the divorce hits Shane and it leaves him petrified he’s about to lose his wife; he believes Pierce becoming single opens up the opportunity for him and Dipi to give their romance a proper go.

Dipi tries to reassure him that the affair is done, not that she has any say in it of course.

Shane is somewhat relieved and is secretly gleeful that this might mean he has another chance to make Dipi happy. Dipi, meanwhile, is dying inside and trying to hide it as best she can.

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is still in shock over the whole ordeal and is sad at having to let go of the relationship she once thought was for keeps. She goes to say a final goodbye to Pierce but as she does so he surprises her with a shock warning about Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes). She’s left reeling by his words, what does it mean?

Scenes air from Monday 14th December on Channel 5.

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