Tattoo model strips and flaunts ink on 98% of skin – to show shes not average

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    A tattoo model is used to standing out from the crowd.

    So to embrace her unique look in all its glory, Amber Luke recently stripped off for a sexy shoot.

    The 27-year-old, from Australia, is covered from head to toe in ink.

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    She estimates she's covered 98% of her body in artwork – including calligraphy on her face, geometric designs on her chest and portraits on her arms.

    And while some aren't keen on her extreme tatts, Amber loves showing them off.

    For a recent Instagram post, she lounged around in her bedroom while wearing a skimpy bikini.

    She struck various poses on her bed in the outfit, which also included fluffy hand warmers and boots.

    In the caption, Amber admitted she's "not your average girl next door".

    She also captioned the post with the words "alternative girl" to show her love for being different.

    More than 3,300 people liked the sexy snaps – and many took the time to leave positive comments too.

    One responder gushed: "I am weak. I see Amber's posts and I drool."

    Another joked: "I'm moving in next door."

    A third said: "Average girls are boring – unlike you and your beauty."

    And a fourth added: "Who wants to be average."

    Amber battled with her mental health as a teenager but found tattoos to be a great way to express herself.

    Previously, she explained: “I struggled immensely with my depression at 16, when I first started my journey.

    "I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my confidence and build myself into someone I'm proud of being.”

    She now has more than 600 tattoos – including quotes on her face and Satanic symbols on her body.

    The influencer also has body modifications like a split tongue and dermals, which are piercings that are placed under the skin.

    Amber's alternative looks have landed her modelling photoshoots and opportunities with brands.

    They've also helped her to stand-out on adults only subscription site, OnlyFans.

    The model is much happier since getting inked – even though some keyboard warriors have cruelly branded her a "freak".

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