‘Team Kate’ royals colour-coordinated in show of unity

Kate Middleton and William attend concert at Westminster Abbey

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Kate, Princess of Wales donned a burgundy coatdress by Eponine London with a matching burgundy clutch and heels as she attended her Together at Christmas carol concert in London last week. The Princess was joined by Prince William and their two eldest children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, with William and Charlotte continuing the burgundy theme with a tie and coat respectively. Other royals and members of the Middleton family also wore burgundy outfits including Zara Tindall and Pippa Matthews.

Body language expert Judi James explained to Express.co.uk that colour-coordinated outfits can send out a “team” vibe to onlookers.

Judi explained: “Colour co-ordinating or even style co-ordinating clothing is always associated with a desire to promote a strong ‘team’ vibe for either a couple or a group of friends, co-workers or family.

“It is, in effect, creating a uniform which is a message of intent in terms of strong bonds and unity. Like body language mirroring it suggests like-mindedness and shared behaviour or beliefs.”

As Kate was hosting the concert, it stands to reason she wore burgundy and other members of her family followed her example.

Judi added that colour-coordinated outfits “can also hint that the ‘team’ has an influential leader, someone who would initiate the coordination and communicate with the others to get them to comply.”

Kate and other royals may have wished to show a united front following the release of part two of ‘Harry & Meghan’ on Netflix that very day.

In the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s hotly-anticipated Netflix documentary, the couple dropped several bombshells about their turbulent time in the Royal Family.

Buckingham Palace didn’t formally respond to the allegations made by the Sussexes in the six-part series, but royals were out in full force on December 15 to show their support for the Princess of Wales’ festive initiative.

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Judi highlighted how the colour co-ordinated wardrobe choice for the night could have signalled that the Royal Family has come back “stronger” after the documentary was released.

The expert claimed: “A virtual uniform like this can just be to ‘look nice’ for an outing or photograph but it can also be worn to imply a show of strength or unity under attack.

“Most or all of these traits could be applied to Kate’s family outing in matching burgundy for her carol service.

“It looked great and it did show a ‘team’ line-up but, thanks to Harry’s Netflix accusations, it also appeared to make a very definite statement of ‘sides’ and of resilience as a group.

“It has a bit of a ‘sticks and stones’ signalling to it, suggesting the family has come back stronger after Harry’s comments, rather than splintering into disharmony.”

Judi added: “William, Charlotte and the Tindalls, Pippa etc all followed the dress code for the night, looking very much ‘team Kate’, while royal fence-sitters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are clearly ‘Team Harry’ too, opted for completely different tones despite the fact that Eugenie has a least one burgundy coat hanging in her wardrobe.”

Working royals Queen Camilla and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were also present at the event, although both opted for white/cream ensembles rather than burgundy.

Prince William’s decision to match his outfit to his wife is not unusual, as the future King and Queen Consort often dress in the same colour.

Judi said: “There is another message in dressing alike or in matching colours.

“It’s something romantic couples often do during the passionate stages of love where they want the world to see they are a couple but also to show a subliminal desire to be so close they are almost the same person.

“William and Kate’s colour toning wouldn’t be as strong a signal as dressing identically (a celebrity trend that has often seen celeb families being photographed in matching onesies for Christmas, etc) but it does seem to suggest mutual respect, goals and affection.”

Kate and William also tend to get their children involved in colour-coordinated outfits too, with blue being the Wales family’s go-to colour.

The Wales family all wore blue to the royal Easter service earlier this year, while all three children wore blue to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee edition of Trooping the Colour in June.

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