‘The Challenge’ Recap: One Of Team U.K.’s Strongest Alliances Is Ripped Apart After Intense Elimination

Both teams are plagued by drama on this week’s episode of ‘The Challenge,’ and two guys go head-to-head in an elimination match-up that no one saw coming.

The challenge on the Oct. 9 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 requires the players to build a pyramid puzzle on top of a raft, then carry the raft 400 meters across a stream of water to obtain a relic. Then, the team must carry the raft back across the water to deposit their relic, and do the same exact thing over another 400 meter body of water. Whichever team gets both relics first will win. Team U.S. takes an early lead, but the tensions are high amongst some of the players. Jordan is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way with his bossy attitude. Plus, Zach is not impressed with Ninja Natalie’s performance, and he lets her know it.

The arguing slows them down a bit, but in the end, team U.S. wins the challenge (again). However, after the win, the fighting escalates even further. Jordan gets pissed at Turbo for kicking the relics to the ground, and they go at it. Things nearly get physical, with security needing to step in to help separate the guys. Eventually, Jordan and Turbo are able to calm down, and it’s time to choose the tribunal. Zach is nominated as the speaker for the group, and he keeps things as neutral as possible by picking Turbo, along with Jordan’s girlfriend, Tori, to join him.

At deliberations, team U.K. is divided between sending in Bear or Rogan, with CT and Idris as the swing votes. CT doesn’t want to pick a side, because he knows he’s going to be at the bottom of whichever alliance he goes with. He insists that his votes are being made strictly on a challenge by challenge basis, and he votes for Bear, so Bear is going in.

Bear asks the tribunal to put his nemesis, Rogan, in against him so he can (hopefully) take him out. However, Turbo wants to prove a point by voting for Jordan, even though he knows it will probably just be a burn vote. Tori and Zach attempt to talk Turbo into hashing things out with Jordan, and he agrees to have a conversation…as long as Jordan apologizes to him first.

Tori convinces Jordan to offer up an apology, and Turbo accepts. At the proving ground, the U.S. tribunal agrees to send in one of the stronger guys on team U.K., in hopes that he’ll go home. Zach, Turbo and Tori vote in unity for Joss. The elimination challenge requires the guys to race around a maze, and use brute force to push past each other once they meet in the middle. Whoever, wins three rounds first will be the winner.

Joss wins the first round, but round two goes to Bear. However, Joss comes back and wins rounds three and four to stay in the game, sending Bear home. Obviously, this is devastating to Bear’s closest allies, Theo and Georgia, who are now worried about their place on the team. We’ll see how it shakes out as The Challenge continues on Oct. 16!

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