Things to do during lockdown: 10 things you can do to stop boredom this weekend

Whether it’s something productive or just something to kill the time, there’s plenty of stuff to do at home that you wouldn’t regularly get a chance to do in normal life. You can get creative with being in touch with loved ones, building new objects or finding out more about yourself. Here are ten things you can do to keep yourself amused:

Send Postcards

It’s unlikely you are holed up somewhere you would normally send postcards from, however, you can still try this unique way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

Postal services are still running in the UK.

Do an online tour

Some of the world’s most famous museums, art galleries, national parks, cultural monuments and safari parks are offering free online virtual tours for those who are missing the outside world.


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The Louvre, Yosemite National Park, the Pyramids and the British Museum have flung open virtual doors.

Some even have the option for virtual reality tours if you already have a VR headset.

Create a bird box

Even though life has ground to a halt for most humans, fortunately, animals are continuing their daily routines as normal.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website has instructions and ideas on how to make a safe bird box for your garden.

Map your family tree

This one might make you a bit sad when we can’t see our loved ones at the moment, but it’s a nice idea to get the kids making a family tree.

It’s also a great excuse to FaceTime your relatives to get information and stories from them to be included.

Run 5K

If you haven’t been making the most of your Government approved exercise time, this weekend is the time to do so.

Instagram has been overrun with people taking part in the 5k challenge – where friends nominate each other to run 5k and donate £5 to charity.

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Host a virtual pub quiz

Gather your friends online for a virtual pub quiz where you ask the questions over a video call.

Learn a language

Everyone has said they will do it at some point, and now the time has come.

Native English speakers don’t have great reputations when it comes to learning languages, but it’s better late than never trying to change that.

Do it the old fashioned way and pick up a book, or you can use apps like Duolingo to finally get your head around double Dutch.


If you have old furniture you can’t stand the sight of anymore, or if you’re just desperate for a bit of a change, you should try your hand at a spot of DIY and transform those tired pieces of furniture into something up-to-date and refreshing.

Be careful with family heirlooms.

Keep a diary

We are living in unbelievable times, probably unlike anything we will live through again, hopefully.

Journaling and keeping a diary is a good way to process your feelings and let off some steam without doing anything too drastic.

It will also be good to look back on when this is over, to remember what it was like and to share with others about their experiences of coronavirus.

Organise your cupboards

Food cupboards and clothes cupboards alike regularly become neglected, and something we always swear we are going to do when we have the time.

Chances are, you have probably never had so much spare time in your life, especially if you have been furloughed.

You might even surprise yourself – threads on Twitter have exposed what’s been lurking inside, with one user reporting they had found a jar of condensed milk from 1983 in their grandparents’ food cupboards.

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