This Is Millie Bobby Brown's Lightest Hair Color Yet

Millie Bobby Brown has been growing out her hair since she shaved her head in 2015 for season one of Stranger Things, and she's embraced every length along the way. But while the actress has experimented with slicked-back pixies, extensions, and hair accessories, she's never switched up her hair color — until now. 

Brown is heading into fall as a blonde. Two Miami salons shared the actress' hair transformation on Instagram yesterday, though it hasn't been confirmed when she stopped by for a coloring session.

First, it seems like Brown went to Dafne Beauty Lounge where she had a bunch of golden blonde highlights added to her chestnut brown base. She also got extensions, because, why not? 

Then, Brown switched up her look again. YSV Salon shared a photo of Brown with super bright blonde lob yesterday. So, she's no longer a brunette, for now at least. 

Brown isn't the only brunette celeb who has gone blonde for fall. Kendall Jenner and Mila Kunis have also ditched their signature dark hair colors ahead of the new season. 

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But it doesn't matter whether Brown stays blonde or goes back to brown — both looks get an "Eleven." 

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