This STD Revenge Story Includes Elaborate Lies, Fake Doctor's Note – And the Internet Loves It!

The only critique she got was choosing chlamydia instead of herpes after a Tinder date went horribly wrong.

A woman took to the internet to share how she exacted revenge on a man after their Tinder hookup went horribly wrong.

While a handful of commenters on Reddit felt she may have gone too far, most were in agreement that this was one of the most satisfying revenge tales they’d heard in quite a while.

However, there were still those who felt she could have taken it a little further and given the dude something truly incurable.

Read on to see this wild dispatch from the world of online dating.

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I faked a STD to get back at a tinder date

“Ok hear me out. The world of online dating is rough. In 2020 I had been [talking] to a guy I met on tinder for a couple months,” the post began.

“He added me on [Facebook], we had seen each other a few times [and] there was ZERO signs this man wasn’t single. He came over one night[,] we were drinking having a good time and we ended up sleeping together. [We] fell asleep and I was woken up by a VERY angry woman pounding on my door.”

“Turned out she was his GIRL FRIEND! And he set the whole thing up to purposely get caught cheating on her to get her back for her cheating on him.”

“I was hurt angry and had to think of the best way to get him back,” OP explained. “So I got online and made a fake summary from the [doctor] showing I had tested positive for chlamydia.”

“I waited a few weeks then messaged all of his friends telling them the story of what had happened with receipts showing what he did to me and his gf and a picture of the ‘dr note’ explaining he had blocked me and I just really wanted to make sure he got that information and wouldn’t spread it to anyone else. They passed the information on and he spent days blowing up my phone freaking out and even went as far as the threaten me with legal action (that never happened) to this day I a still very proud of this petty revenge I was able to get him with.”

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How Redditors reacted

OP was quick to reply to any negative comments on the post, which were surprisingly few, including one declaring: “Hmmm more reasons why f–king a stranger on the first date is a bad idea…”

“Again it wasn’t on the first date [I] clearly said we had hung out a few times and been talking daily several months,” the woman wrote in reply.

When someone said she was a “loon” OP responded: “Be careful we are out walking among you”.

However, as noted above, most in the TwoHotTakes subreddit believed the story was both “clever” and “hilarious”.

When more than one commenter said they felt she could have taken it further by pretending he had given her herpes, she replied: “90% of the population has some form of herpes and most will never have an out break[.] I wanted [an] immediate scare but nothing long term lol plus then [it] would also seem as [if] I had something that [couldn’t] be gotten rid of.”

What do you think?

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