We need to talk about how amazing this period swimwear is

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Period underwear has already been a gamechanger for many, and now it looks like period swimwear is having its moment.

Azure Belle is taking period pants to a new level with a range of swimming costumes and bikinis that feature discreet InnovSwim technology that absorbs blood into the fabric but keeps water out (you can read about how it works here).

Pretty nifty, right?

Its swimwear is not only clever, it’s also very stylish and there are two collections, one for women and one for teenagers.

Designs come in floral, blue, black and purple and include one pieces, without sleeves or with sleeves for added sun protection, as well as tankinis and bikinis.

Naturally, period swimwear is perfect for anyone who already avoids tampons, but they’re also a great option for people who currently use tampons but hope to make the switch to a more sustainable option.

So how does it work? Well, the gusset area of the swimwear has three layers, the top one absorbs the blood, then there’s a waterproof layer designed to prevent water getting inside and finally there’s a moisture wicking layer for additional leak-proof protection.

The brand says all the layers are super thin and discreet so you won’t have any bulk or bulging and the material apparently dries super fast. 

After you’re done swimming, just wash the costume so it’s ready for the next wear.

The absorbency layer should take up to 6ml of liquid (a regular tampon absorbs 5ml) so suits light to moderate flows best.

The brand was founded in Australia by Bryley Conley, who says: ‘As a mum to two daughters, I know all too well the feeling of anxiety when your period coincides with important moments.

‘We’ve all been there – getting our period right before a school swimming carnival or during a family holiday when the kids are eager to have you in the pool.

‘At Azure Belle, we combine our dedication to sustainability with our mission to empower women and enable them to embrace freedom every day.’

Prices start at £19 for bikini briefs and £43 for full sets and one pieces, which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.

The brand already has lots of happy customers, with many leaving glowing reviews online.

One woman posted: ‘I bought this swimsuit for my overseas holiday, it came in handy when I did get my period! Nice for ladies to have an option that is also good for our environment.’

Another wrote: ‘Period swimwear, what a novel idea! I was apprehensive but it worked with my flow for the time I wore in the pool.’

And one noted of the discreet nature of the swimmers: ‘You wouldn’t know they were period wear, they are just like normal bathers but with period protection. Great idea thanks.’

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