Where to buy the best hot water bottles, including body-length ones

HERE are the different hot water bottle options on offer if you're looking for a cosy accessory to see you through the winter.

As the temperature drops and snow falls in many places, snuggling up in bed with one of these could be a good option for you.

From the traditional rubber bottles, to longer body-length ones that you can wrap around yourself, there are plenty of ways to stay warm, or help to soothe aches and pains.

Before you part ways with any cash, we’d always recommend comparing prices online to make sure you’ve found the best deal.

Google's price comparison tool, Google Shopping, is free and easy to use.

Faux fur hot water bottle, George Home at Asda

  • £5 – buy now

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to stay warm, you'd find it tricky to find a hot water bottle much cheaper than this.

The case is faux fur with a sparkly star shape and you can find it online or in the shop.

Delivery will cost you an additional £2.95 unless your total order is over £50, then it's free, or you can click and collect for free.

Teddy ochre hot water bottle, Dunelm

  • £6 buy now

Dunelm's hot water bottle stacks up similarly to Asda's, with a soft, yellow, teddy bear fabric covering.

Its website says that matching teddy long hot water bottles and neck hot water bottles are also available. These cost £12 and £7 respectively.

Delivery for this one costs slightly more than Asda though at £3.95. For this one you can't click and collect.

Hot water bottle with a chunky knit cover, Argos

  • £9.99 – buy now

Another hot water bottle with a washable, removable cover is this one from Argos.

It comes with a five-year guarantee and a cute little cable knit jumper in cream. You can have it delivered or order it via click and collect.

Home delivery is from £3.95 and click and collect is free.

Heart shape hot water bottle, Next

  • £12 – buy now

Next's hottie will set you back slightly more than the other options, but offers a seasonal heart shape.

It's 21.5cm x 23cm and comes in pink with fluffy pom-poms.

Standard home delivery will cost you £3.99, whereas you can collect it in store for free.

Giraffe hot water bottle, Dunelm

  • £9.80 – buy now

Encased in a giraffe print cover, this long hot water bottle from Dunelm means you can spread out the heat and wrap it around yourself.

It's nearly a metre long, made of polyester and comes with good reviews by previous buyers.

Buying this will include an extra charge of £3.95 for delivery.

Long hot water bottle in pink, Amazon

  • £14.99 – buy now

This bottle is 21 inches (53cm) long, with ribbons at each end so you can loop it round your neck.

You can also get in grey, or, for an extra £2, this one comes with a leopard print cover.

It's made from 100% natural rubber and plush fabric.

Amazon delivery fees could cost as much as £3.95 but is free if you have Prime membership.

Soft fleece covered neck hot water bottle, Bauer

  • £8.99 buy now

The Bauer neck hot water bottle can be of great to use if you suffer from pain, stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders. 

The fleecy cover is sure to bring comfort to the next level.

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