Woman hosts Friendsgiving dinner and is gutted when none of her pals turn up

A woman was distraught when she spent weeks planning a lavish "Friendsgiving" dinner and not a single one of her pals bothered to turn up.

Christian Zamora, who is on TikTok as @Kidalloy made a video explaining how his girlfriend Maryann spent two weeks decorating the basement and shopping for ingredients to make dinner for her friends.

According to Christian, his girlfriend's so-called mates were a no-show and didn't even bother to message her on the group chat to say they wouldn't be attending.

In the clip, Christian says: "My girlfriend was so excited for her first Friendsgiving but no one showed up.

"She decorated the whole basement and cooked so much food. I keep trying to cheer her up but nothing is working."

He shows a clip of her sitting at the table full of food and looking close to tears, adding: "I’m so sad for her."

In a follow-up video, Christian says his own mates came to the rescue and made sure Maryann's kindness didn't go to waste.

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He says: "My girl and her friends decided to throw a Friendsgiving like two weeks in advance, they were planning this for two weeks.

"But the day came and no one was answering the group chat.

"No one was texting or calling, but in her mind, she thought everyone was running late.

"When it hit the three-hour mark, she was like: 'Yeah no one's gonna come.'"

Christian says he then rang his mates and said: "Hey, are you [open to] coming to my girl's Thanksgiving?"

He adds: "They were more than gracious enough to come.

"They all came and brought stuff. It’s like she had her own Friendsgiving, there was a happy ending to it.

"She wasn’t upset, she wasn’t mad. She was kind of disappointed about her actual friends not showing up but other than that, she still had great company and she still had a great time."

The video was watched more than 15 million times and people were heartbroken on behalf of Maryann.

One viewer said: "No call no show? Ma'am those ain't your friends."

Another commented: "Honey I'm sorry this happened to you. Your setup looked awesome."

Someone else shared: "I remember hosting Friendsgiving and Friendsmas.

"I stopped because I realised the only one putting in the effort was myself."

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