Woman posts fry-up snap online and leaves foodies fuming at revolting addition

A woman sparked fury by sharing a picture of her fry up online.

Her breakfast contained many of the ingredients you'd expect to see on a Full English – from sausages to eggs and toast. But her twist on the classic British dish didn't go down well.

The home cook, known only as Stacie, infuriated foodies by pouring gravy all over her plate. She was called a "wrong'un" after she got the sauce involved.

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One member of the popular Rate My Plate Facebook group wrote: "Congratulations for the worst plate of food I've seen for a long time….great job!"

A second wrote: "Oooh you're a wrong'un. Egg and gravy, not for me thank you, but hope you enjoyed it." Another commented: "Just rank that is – everything about it is wrong."

And a fourth added: "Eggs deserve better!" Meanwhile, others simply branded it a "car crash on a plate", "absolutely revolting" and the "worst breakfast they'd ever seen".

Despite the backlash, some defended Stacie and her food choices. A commenter said: "My kind of meal – I love gravy and tomato sauce on everything."

Another said: "I have eaten this delight. Not with toast but chips – it's bloody lovely."

And a third joked: "Perfection! Worthy of pulling out the fancy silverware and wash it down with a fine vintage wine."

So would you try it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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