Woman pulls vagina fluid vabbing prank on hubby as she smears tuna on her neck

If you don’t know what vabbing is by now, then you might want to brace yourself.

Single women have been practising the new trend which sees them dab their vaginal discharge on their pulse points to act like a personal ‘pheromone’ perfume.

And according to some who have put it to the test, the unusual tactic allegedly works as they have bagged themselves a few hot dates or secured a few free drinks.

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However, experts have recently shared that vabbing may do more harm than good – and could cause some nasty infections.

In light of the controversial trend, Maggie Clayton took it upon herself to prank her husband Jaron with her own 'scent' – and it involves fish.

Posting to their 4.6million TikTok followers, the wife switched out the usual vabbing ingredient of vaginal fluid to the juice canned tuna is stored in.

Maggie then gagged as she fake ‘vabbed’ with the potent fish around her neck.

“Jaron come here, I want you to smell my new scent,” she smiled as she summoned her husband to give her neck a whiff.

After he sniffed Maggie’s neck, Jaron instantly pulled back and raised his eyebrows at his partner.

“You don’t like it?” she giggled as the husband questioned if Maggie had showered.

He blasted: “That smells like dead fish.”

Maggie then told Jaron that her “new scent” was from a “trend” she was participating in.

Jaron then asked that if the trend was to smell like “sh**” and said that Maggie smells like she needs to “wash” herself.

The wife then dropped the bombshell that she had ‘vabbed’ to which Jaron sighed in disbelief.

He then ran out of shot to fetch a cloth and cleaning product so he could rub away Maggie’s apparent vabbing.

The prankster giggled and told Jaron she was joking as he attempted to clean her neck.

“I can’t believe he did that at the end”, Maggie expressed.

Since being posted, the clip has racked up thousands of views and endless amounts of comments from amused viewers.

One person commented: “I’m laughing so much!”

Another user noted: “The way his eyes keep going down.”


While a third person giggled: “There is nothing like the smell of fresh tuna in the morning!!”

Someone else chuckled: “Did he believe you when you said it was tuna?”

Meanwhile, a fifth person fretted: “One time I looked something up on urban dictionary.. I'll never do that again!!”

Although Maggie used tuna in the prank, women have been warned that if they have a ‘fishy’ smell coming from their vagina that they should seek medical attention.

If your vagina smells fishy, it could be a signal either bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, according to Dr Ayanthi Gunasekera, Specialist Registrar in gynaecology at London Gynaecology.

Bacterial vaginosis will also usually present itself with a frothy, grey or green discharge, and a course of antibiotics is needed.

For trichomoniasis, the discharge may be a green, yellow colour with a course of antibiotics also needed.


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