Woman unrecognisable after seven-hour hair appointment to save her matted locks

A hairdresser has stunned fans after she gave her client an "amazing" transformation – turning her matted hair in to a chic bob.

Harriett, who posts online as @xxxxharriettxxxx, spent seven hours de-tangling the woman's hair. The 31-year-old, from Islington, shared shocking 'before and after' photos on social media to document the incredible transformation which left her client looking unrecognisable.

In the video, which has gained almost 1,000 views, the client was seen sitting in the salon chair, with hair so severely matted it looked like one clump on top of her head. The elderly woman looked rather glum as she sat there with her untamed hair.

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But the slideshow moved along to photos of her after Harriet's incredible works — and she couldn't stop grinning. Her hair had been fully combed out and restyled into a neat bob, which should make it more manageable, but also made her look much different.

In the caption, the stylist explained: "Major hair transformation!!! 7.5 hours later! And wow doesn't my client look amazing! Hardest job I have ever done, but damn was it worth it." Over the top of the clip, she told viewers to "never judge! Life can be hard".

TikTok users were left stunned by the video that gained 100 likes and they took to the comments to praise Harriet's hard work. One viewer said: "She looks so beautiful!! Amazing job xx."

Severe hair matting happens when when loose hair strands repeatedly tangle and twist themselves around attached hairs, leading to a tightly knotted clump.

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People who have naturally curly hair are more prone to matting if these loose hairs aren't regularly brushed out or hair care routines aren't followed. Prevention is key to stopping your hair becoming so knotted you can't brush through it — but if it does happen, hair care professionals can help.

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