Women are jealous of my huge £40k boobs but I love them – let the haters stare

A woman who's spent £40,000 on her fake boobs claims she 'can’t step out the front door' without other women getting jealous of her impressive cleavage.

Paige British has gone under the knife so many times that she now brags she's “filled with plastic” – having undergone 14 surgeries in total.

The model, from Cheshire, spent a whopping £80,000 on her look in total – and just £40,000 on her breasts alone. The 28-year-old flew over to Los Angeles, US, last month to have another procedure done, splashing out £17,000 to enlarge her cup size from a H to an I.

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Having since touched back down in the UK, Paige says her enhanced chest makes other people uncomfortable, especially women – with the influencer relentlessly “judged”. However, despite this, she says she loves her new look.

“Other women are threatened,” Paige, who has 271,000 followers on Instagram (@paigebritish ), said: “They are just jealous. I dress rather modestly, too, but I can’t escape the judgemental glances and looks."

She added: "People who have the gumption to say [nasty comments] online ask ‘what have I done to myself'. They tell me they are disgusted. But there’s always going to be haters and I’m not [bothered about] offending anyone."

Despite having only just recovered from her last surgery, Paige is already saving up for the next one. Her cup size is currently around twice the average size in the UK (DD).

Paige added: “It’s never-ending but I love it, it's like an addiction. I get back pain from them due to the size, but in my eyes it’s all worth it.”

She says her husband has also always been a fan of her body and supports her throughout her surgeries. “My husband has always been a fan," she admits. "He was with me before any surgery and has supported me the whole time, and loved me then and now."

The model is now the breadwinner in the couple, making £80,000 a month by sharing saucy snaps online, having recently bought herself a Ferrari.

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