Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders round-by-round: How Mexican ground down Brit before forcing him to QUIT on stool

CANELO ALVAREZ proved his super-middleweight supremacy by stopping Billy Joe Saunders in eight rounds.

The unification was closely contested but Canelo was in the driving seat throughout despite Saunders brave effort.

Alvarez proved his dominance the further the fight passed as he inherited the WBO belt, adding to his WBC and WBA collection.

Here, SunSport runs you through round-by-round before the stoppage.

Round 1

Saunders starts the fight pumping out the jab and looking to box and move in the southpaw stance.

Canelo holds his feet and walks forward and already begins throwing the left hook.

Round 2

Saunders moving well on the back foot but Canelo is walking down the Brit with a high guard.

Alvarez making it clear early on that he is expecting to cut the ring off and give BJS little to work with.


Round 3

Canelo lands a short right hand on the inside as he closes the distance by walking forward.

Saunders takes the shot well and continues to box on the back foot, pumping out the jab and posturing with his hands down.

Round 4

Right hand lands for Canelo as he inserts his dominance early on in the round.

It sparks fight from Saunders who comes forward but nothing lands of note.

Counter right uppercut lands for Canelo to get Saunders' attention.

Round 5

Canelo beginning to invest in body shots as he walks his man down.

Saunders backed up to the ropes as Alvarez bangs body shots.

BJS lands left hand on the break to make his mark in the round.

Round 6

Saunders start the round lively and pot shots successfully to

Canelo retaliates by backing the southpaw to ropes and lands a big right uppercut.

Saunders looks slick in the round, nicking the action with quick shots but is beginning to get walked down.

Round 7

Canelo comes out aggressive with a high guard but lets his hands go and begins to score with the right hand.

Alvarez ends the round by walking Saunders down, threatening with the left hook and right uppercut.

Round 8

Big uppercut lands for Canelo as he begins to show his aggression on the front foot and evidently hurts Saunders.

Saunders starts to hold as he feel the power of Canelo, who postures to crowd.

Left uppercut lands for Canelo, who piles the pressure on with Saunders' right eye beginning to close.

BJS is rightfully pulled out as his right eye is closed, which would leave him with an almighty and risk task.

Canelo retains his WBC and WBA super-middleweight titles and wins the WBO belt.

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