Dina Asher-Smith could scoop historic treble in 2022 as Lord Coe promises to squeeze in events – The Sun

DINA ASHER-SMITH has been backed to go for the Treble in 2022 as Lord Coe promised to squeeze in three major athletics events.

The planned 2021 World Athletics Championships in Oregon have been moved back a year because of the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics.

Yet in the summer of 2022 there is already the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham between July 27 and August 7 – and then the European Championships in Munich between August 11-21.

Britain would be the only country involved in all three and it would mean golden girl Asher-Smith may have to race for world, Commonwealth and then European titles within two months.

Coe said: “I do want the Treble to be on. The Treble is always a challenging one.

“I’m not going to speculate on any further discussions because they are on-going.

“I really do want to try and make this work. There will inevitably be some compromises along the road.

“We are going to have to figure out three major championships all in one season in a window that is not much more than six weeks.”

Asher-Smith, the reigning 200m world champion, and heptathlon world champion Katarina

Johnson-Thompson are having to tailor their training because the Olympics were postponed this summer.

Coe said: “Some athletes will compete well one season and then not the next.

“They are both world champions and it means they have got resilience.

“The resilient athletes are going to manage their way through this. It’s not ideal for them but I think they’ll figure this out and come back.”

Coe waded into the stadium row between UK Athletics and West Ham with the Premier League season potentially extended this summer.

UKA want to host the Anniversary Games in July 4-5 but that could be scrapped because West Ham have tenants’ priority at the London stadium.

Coe said: “I do hope that if there are some challenges people just sit down with cool heads and figure it out because that's what we need to do at the moment.

“I’m hoping that these conversations have already taken place.

“And if they’re not then then clearly there needs to be some accommodation here.”

Coe also reckons UKA are in “safe hands” following two key appointments in its management staff after years of negative headlines and bumbling administration.

The 63-year-old said: “They need to bounce back, and it's really important they do.

“We need a strong UKA as part of the global footprint.

“They are a dominant force in the European Championships. There will be a dominant force in the Commonwealth Games.

“It’s important that for all sorts of reasons, commercially, broadcast-wise and passion for athletics, we have them punching their weight and above it.”

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