JB Holmes’ horrific final round at The Open cost him more than half million pounds in prize money – The Sun

JB HOLMES' shocking final round at The Open cost him a whopping £525,029.

The American shot 16-over-par 87 – which is the highest score in a final round by any player in the competition since 1966.

Holmes, who is a notoriously slow player, struggled in difficult conditions at Royal Portrush on Sunday.

Going into Day 4, the 37-year-old was in a tie for third with a score of -10 overall.

But he plummeted down the leader board after four double bogeys and a triple bogey on the 11th hole.

The American finished 67th in the tournament – which is his lowest ranking in a major since the 2009 Open Championship.

He would have pocketed $718,000 (£574,000) if he finished third, but instead went home with a prize of around £48000.

And he infuriated golfing partner Brooks Koepka by his slow pace throughout the day.

Koepka said: "J.B had a rough day. J.B is a slow player. I know it's difficult with the wind, but I didn't think he was that bad today.

"I thought he was all right. there were times where I thought it was slow. There's a lot of slow guys out there.

"What I don't understand is when it's your turn to hit, your glove is not on, then you start thinking about it – that's where the problem lies.

"It's not that he takes that long. He doesn't do anything until his turn.

"That's the frustrating part. But he's not the only one that does it out here.

"But like I said, it wasn't that bad today. It really wasn't. It was slow, but it wasn't that bad for his usual pace.

"It was relatively quick for what he usually does."

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