Mike Francesa rips John Mara, Dave Gettleman for Eli silence

Mike Francesa tore into Giants owner John Mara and general manager Dave Gettleman for their silence on Tuesday, the day the organization moved on from Eli Manning after his 15-plus years as the team’s starting quarterback.

Francesa — while rattling off all of Manning’s accomplishments which included two Super Bowls, all the all-time Giants passing records and being named NFL Man of the Year — destroyed the Big Blue big wigs for their lack of leadership and accountability.

“You’re going to sit an iconic member of your team who gave you 15 years of class, 15 years of performance, 15 years of everything he had,” Francesa said. “And there’s not a quote from the owner? There’s not a quote from the general manager about this transition of benching this player after 15 years and 232 games?

“When did the Giants forget how to be a classy organization? That’s a disgrace. An out-and-out disgrace. And the fact that we haven’t seen John Mara today or seen Gettleman, I mean, is a joke, an absolute joke.”

The longtime WFAN host also said the Giants fanbase, which he believes is better than most of the other New York teams’ supporters, deserved better than getting the silent treatment from the top levels of the organization.

“That’s a slap in the face to some of the most loyal fans in all of professional sports,” he said. “Their fanbase deserves better than that today. That’s just a joke. The Giants have not only forgot how to win, they forgot how to be Giants.”

This isn’t the first time Francesa has been extremely critical of the Giants recently.

On Monday, Francesa directed his fury at Pat Shurmur, saying his team “isn’t good at anything.” He also criticized the Giants coach for how he has handled the Manning-Jones quarterback situation.

“This has been drawn out like a funeral march as the losses have piled up. If I was Eli, I would be so sick of this, it would be ridiculous,” Francesa said as transcribed by NJ Advance Media. “Because to go through this and keep losing has got to be awful. He’s been doing this now for years, this whole thing, and he’s not winning any games along the way, which has got to make it tough.”

In August, Francesa got into a kerfuffle with the Giants and Gettleman regarding access to the general manager.

“For the first time in my WFAN career I will not be doing a training camp program from Giants camp,” Francesa tweeted. “Was invited but told there would be no access to GM. Dave Gettleman should have enough confidence and conviction to explain his decisions. If he is hiding, I’ll pass.”

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