Mike Francesa’s subscription app is dead

Mike Francesa’s app won’t be back aftah this.

About a year after the longtime WFAN host launched his “Mike’s On” subscription app, it will shut down on Oct. 1 as it has been purchased by Radio.com, the company and Francesa announced. All of the content from the app will be hosted on Radio.com, which is making it all free.

Francesa said his app will be free throughout September before it closes up shop. He was charging $8.99 for monthly subscriptions and $98.99 for a one-year subscription. The hefty price of the app was widely mocked when it was announced.

Francesa originally planned to use his WFAN show as a way to promote the app when he ended his short-lived radio retirement in May 2018. It’s unclear how many subscribers the app had, but last November he indicated he had around 1,000.

There’s also no indication of how the transaction may affect his status with WFAN, which had to cut the Carlin, Maggie and Bart program to two hours to accommodate Francesa’s return. Francesa has been working without an official contract from WFAN parent company Entercom.

“Mike Francesa is a legend, and we are beyond thrilled to bring more Mike to Radio.com,” said J.D. Crowley, the chief digital officer of parent company Entercom. “Mike has some of the most loyal, engaged fans in all of sports, thanks to his unique ability to build a broad audience with must-listen, highly compelling audio content, always calling it like it is.

Francesa has been embroiled in a ratings war with Michael Kay’s show on ESPN New York since his return.

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