Neil 'Razor' Ruddock swapped Big Macs for tuna to shed seven stone

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock’s incredible weight-loss diet revealed: Ex-Premier League star, 54, swaps Big Macs for tuna steaks (and the odd packet of Skips) to shed SEVEN STONE after gastric surgery

  • Former Premier League star Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock lost seven stone after surgery
  • He had two thirds of his stomach removed last year and has transformed his diet 

Mailonline revealed this week the former Premier League star, 54, shed seven stone by having two thirds of his stomach removed in a ‘life-saving’ operation, having been inspired by James ‘Arg’ Argent’s impressive weight-loss after the same procedure.

And now he’s feeling the benefits of his new slender frame, including being allowed back into his wife’s bed as Razor no longer gives her ‘the ick’.

Speaking at his home in Kent, the ex-Liverpool and Spurs defender revealed his new diet has dramatically altered since having surgery in September when his weight ballooned to 27 stone.

Before the operation his meals filled a serving plate, but now he can only manage tiny portions from one of his kids’ old cereal bowls.

Razor says: ‘It looks a bit pathetic eating out of this tiny bowl, but it’s literally all I can have now, it fills me up.

The ex-Liverpool and Spurs defender revealed his new diet has dramatically altered since having surgery in September

Former Premier League star Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock has lost seven stone and transformed his diet

Razor, pictured in 2013, had two thirds of his stomach removed in a ‘life-saving’ operation after issues with obesity 

Razor told MailOnline: ‘I’ve always struggled with weight, and I’ve tried every diet there is’

‘I used to love burgers and big steaks, I cooked big meat platters all the time – I splashed out on a brand new kitchen because I got so into cooking huge meals.

‘I just don’t fancy it now.’

Razor told how his daily diet usually consists of two Weetabix for breakfast (he used to have five) served with hot milk and honey, plus a small cup of tea, followed by a kids’ fruitpot as a mid-morning snack.

Lunch is often an one-and-a-half egg omelette, then two bags of Skips to get him through to dinner when he tucks into a small ready meal-for-one, like a Shepherd’s Pie.

Before he goes to bed, he’ll consume a cereal bar and two ginger biscuits with a cup of coffee.

He says: ‘I never used to like cereal but I eat it all the time now, as when it’s blended with milk it digests well. It’s the same with a bag of Skips.

‘When I eat bread and meat I feel really uncomfortable.’

Razor’s wife of ten years Leah says the surgery has taken years off her husband, and admits they’re sharing a bed together again because his snoring has stopped as a result of his weight loss.

The former glamour model started the first communication with The Hospital Group, the clinic who performed the gastric sleeve surgery, after Razor told her of Arg’s transformation.

Leah, 41, says: ‘He just looks like he did when I met him – just a bit greyer!

Following the surgery, Razor has dramatically changed his diet and is now eating tuna steaks and eggs to keep lean

He is feeling the benefits of his new slender frame, including being allowed back into his wife Leah’s bed as Razor no longer gives her ‘the ick’

Leah and Neil pictured together at a TV premiere in London in 2015

The former footballer told MailOnline he was delighted that he ‘looks magnificent now’ after shedding the weight

‘When he was at his heaviest it was really worrying for me and the children.

‘When you’re out with him, you could hear people say ‘oh my god, look at the size of him – he’s a heart attack waiting to happen’. It really used to upset me.

‘And I was always concerned about seeing things like cracks in the shower and the fact the toilet was coming off the wall.

‘But now he looks sexy again, that’s how I used to feel about him – and our sex life is good.’

She added: ‘If I’m being totally honest, he was giving me the ick – because it made me so angry he made himself look like that.

‘I’m so happy for the future and it’s only onwards and upwards now. I’m so glad I helped organise the treatment.

‘We’re sharing a bed again as his snoring has gone. He’s got so much energy now.’

Razor displayed his new fitness levels by using the trampoline in his garden for the first time, without the fear of damaging his knees – or splitting the canvas.

He also showed off his cooking skills, which he perfected during his appearance on Celebrity MasterChef in 2019, by knocking up a snack from his prized omelette maker.

Father-of-four Razor admits consuming less food has not only trimmed his waistline, his pockets feel lighter too.

Razor said he ‘feared for my life’ before his surgery, adding that he had ‘cheated death’ by having the treatment

He was fitted with a pacemaker after being diagnosed with a heart problem on ITV1 series Harry’s Heroes (pictured) in 2020

He explains: ‘Our food bills have gone down as I don’t eat a lot – we can really notice that.

‘I’m also a cheap date when I go out for dinner, which is probably why loads of my old mates are coming out of the woodwork asking if I want to go out with them – because it won’t be anywhere near as expensive.

‘I went out on Wednesday night with some lads and only had half a Dover Sole, my mate had the other half.

‘Years ago if he touched my food I would have bit his hand off!’

Razor piled on the pounds in lockdown when his after dinner speaking gigs dried up and he got bored at home, admitting he overindulged on food and drink.

Leah says he was regularly raiding the kitchen snack drawer for chocolate bars and crisps, which have now been replaced by healthier alternatives.

After discovering takeaway app Uber Eats, he had ice cream delivered to his house and was also drinking heavily.

In 2020, he had a pacemaker fitted after suffering a heart scare while appearing on ITV1 series Harry’s Heroes, so coupled with his worrying weight gain, his family feared the worst.

But now seven stone lighter, he feels a changed man and says he’s hoping to lose ‘a couple more stone’ so he can finally buy some clothes that fit him.

Razor says: ‘It’s not worth getting a new wardrobe because I won’t fit in it for long as the weight is dropping off.

‘Over the past few years none of the classy stuff really fits me, I only wore what I could fit into but now my new threads are going to cost me a fortune.

‘I can’t wait to buy a nice suit.’

Razor says the ultimate way to cap his body transformation would be starring in BBC1 series Strictly Come Dancing.

The ex-England international, who’s previously appeared on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Celebrity Big Brother, believes he would fare better on the dance floor than another former Three Lions star Tony Adams, who took part last year.

He says: ‘I’d love to have a go, I’d definitely be up for it.

‘What a great experience, it would cap my transformation.

‘I’d be better than Tony, if I’m worse than him then I’m giving up.

‘Big Tony was hilarious.’

But now he’s lost all that weight, would Leah be opposed to him signing up in light of the infamous Strictly curse?

‘Leah wouldn’t mind, he says. ‘I’ve had my day and all that b******.

‘She would be to busy p******* herself rather than worrying about me copping off with my dance partner.’

What is a gastric sleeve operation? 

The procedure, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, involves a portion of the stomach being removed to leave a smaller tube-shaped section. 

Usually about 80 per cent is removed.

As some of the stomach, the person cannot eat as much as they could before and will feel full sooner.

Other weight loss surgeries include the gastric band and gastric bypass.

With a gastric band a band is placed around the stomach, so a person does not need to eat as much to feel full.

While a gastric bypass involves the top part of your stomach being joined to the small intestine, so a person feels fuller sooner and does not absorb as many calories from food. 

Sources: NHS and The Mayo Clinic 

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