Novak Djokovic hits out at British fans after Serbia win Davis Cup tie

Novak Djokovic yells ‘shut up’ at British fans and accuses them of disrespect in furious bust-up after world No 1 beats Cam Norrie to seal Serbia victory in Davis Cup tie

  • The world No 1 became incensed after beating Cam Norrie to clinch the tie 
  • Some British fans banged drums and sang during his post-match interview 
  • Earlier Jack Draper had lost to Miomir Kecmanovic in the best-of-three tie

Novak Djokovic angrily accused British fans of disrespecting him last night after sealing victory for Serbia over Great Britain in the Davis Cup quarter final.

The world number one became incensed after beating Cam Norrie 6-4 6-4 to clinch the tie 2-0 as spectators from the UK initially banged drums and sang during his post-match interview on court.

‘Learn how to respect players, how to behave yourselves, learn how to respect people, you shut up, you be quiet,’ he said, raising his voice and gesticulating to a semi-official supporters’ group behind the umpires chair.

Other British spectators among the 5,000 or so present were also telling them to be quiet, as they wanted to hear what Djokovic had to say after another masterclass.

The world number one had also blown sarcastic kisses to the same section in the stands in response to some seemingly gentle goading after the first set.

Novak Djokovic was furious and accused British fans of disrespecting him 

Serbian legend Djokovic celebrates beating Cam Norrie to seal Davis Cup victory

World No 1 was furious after fans banged drums and sang during his post-match interview

The Serb celebrated with fans but took exception to some British supporters

Later, his adrenaline having subsided, Djokovic said: ‘In the Davis Cup, it’s normal that sometimes fans step over the line, but in the heat of the moment you react too. 

They can do whatever they want, but I’m going to respond to that. At the end I was trying to talk and they were purposely starting to play the drums and they were trying to annoy me the entire match. So we had a little bit of a chat in the end.’

Yet British tennis’s barmy army are not quite cut from the same cloth as, say, their football counterparts. GB Captain Leon Smith did not judge their behaviour to have been too grievous: ‘One of the things that’s good about Davis Cup and team competition is that actually you’re kind of meant to make noise. 

‘There is a bit that goes over (the top), comments, I could hear a couple. I would hate to see it quietening down, because there’s enough quiet tennis as it is.

‘I think he was just a bit p****d (off) about a bit of the noise coming from behind. Like I say, I don’t think it was that bad.’

Even before taking to the court Djokovic had cast his spell, with Jack Draper admitting that his mere presence had piled on extra pressure to win the opening rubber that would have kept them in the match.

Draper was to go down to an outstanding performance from his opposite number Miomir Kecmanovic. The 21 year-old southpaw from Surrey admitted that the knowing Djokovic was a near certainty to take the second point had its own effect.

‘It’s difficult knowing that Cam has to go and play Djokovic after, and that’s kind of seemingly a must-win match for me,’ said Draper after his 7-6 7-6 defeat. ’It’s definitely a tough challenge to go out there knowing that there is a lot more almost pressure on me to win the match.

Djokovic cruised to a 6-4, 6-4 win and set Serbia up for a semi-final against Italy

Thousands of Brits had flocked to the Costa Del Sol to cheer on the British team

Jack Draper lost to Miomir Kecmanovic in the opening match of the best-of-three tie

‘It’s an invaluable experience for me at a young age – that’s the kind of pressure that, if I want to be a top player, I have to cope with and have to perform under.’

The loss effectively made the evening a formality. The doubles rubber, which Britain would have been favourites for with a team of Neal Skupski and Joe Salisbury, was rendered an irrelevance.

Kecmanovic played far above his ranking of 55. Neither Dan Evans nor Andy Murray were available due to injury, but both would have had to be at their best to beat him.

Draper has been in good form after finally ridding himself of injuries, but after starting the match with three aces found the Serb stubbornly resistant. The young British player played his part in some incredible rallies, and his only real letdown was the first tiebreak, in which he served two double faults to lose it 7-2.

Norrie has recently taken a rare break from the game after admitting to feeling burnt out, and it looked to have done him good. He competed well against Djokovic but the Serb showed why he has lost only once since Wimbledon.

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