Ryan Brierley has Scotland aim after World Cup heartbreak – at the airport!

RYAN Brierley has a World Cup dream – just making it after the most heartbreaking withdrawal possible.

One that saw him traipse back home on a train with his kit, which he then had to hand over, in tow.

Four years ago, Brierley was at the airport all excited to be finally heading to play rugby league in Australia with Scotland.

Then his phone went. Then Toronto director of rugby Brian Noble telling him they were not letting him travel.

Devastated Brierley had been dropped off for the flight Down Under, so he could not even get back in his car and drive home.

Little wonder the Leigh new boy wants to make this year's tournament – and there would be no tear jerking journey home if he does not as it is in England.

Brierley recalled: “I was actually at the airport with my bags when I got the call. I’d have liked a little more notice!

“Because I’d been dropped off at the airport, I had no chance of getting home. So I had to get the train with two big suitcases and my kit.

“Then they came to my house to pick the kit up and give it to another lad who needed it.

“I was like, ‘This day couldn’t get any worse.’ It was a real low point in my career and to be honest, I’ve never really recovered from it but I’m in a really settled place now.

“I had a niggling injury. In hindsight it was probably the right decision. Toronto was my employer at the time, so I had to just roll with it.

“But it had always been my dream to play rugby league in Australia, so that call killed me and it’s something I want to put right.

“So this World Cup has been in my mind for a couple of years.”

Brierley may feature for Scotland before the World Cup, which begins with a daunting tie against holders Australia.

The 28-year-old, whose family hails from Ayrshire, added: “There were talks over a mid-season or a warm up game and that was the plan.

“Ideally as players, we’d love to have a game before the World Cup – we could do with some prep before playing Australia!”

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