Totti's wife Ilary Blasi surprises Roma icon with baby goat despite marriage almost ENDING when she bought hairless cat

ROMA legend Francesco Totti has another new addition to his family… a baby goat.

The 44-year-old's wife Ilary Blasi uploaded a video of the animal on her Instagram story to her 1.6 million followers.

In the clip, you can see the goat walking around the Totti household as it takes in its new surroundings.

And Totti's youngest daughter Isabel is then seen hugging the goat, with the child clearly loving her latest pet.

It remains to be seen how Totti will react to the goat, after he revealed that his marriage to Blasi almost broke down after she purchased a hairless cat.

Speaking of his outrage last year to former Italy team-mate Christian Vieri on Instagram Live, he said: "I was furious with my wife, she bought a hairless cat and called it Donna Paola.

"It's boiling. At night, it insists on sleeping inside our bed, next to our legs.

"She's a very affectionate cat, but almost caused us to break up. Ilary wanted a cat at all costs and I was adamant we shouldn't.

"One day, she brought it home, because ultimately she makes all the decisions in this family.

"We didn't speak for days, but in the end, I fell in love with the cat too."


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A post shared by Ilary Blasi (@ilaryblasi)

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Totti has also recently declared that Real Madrid were desperate to sign him in 2005, and were willing to offer him £200,000-a-week at the Bernabeu.

Recalling the bid, Totti told Movistar+: "Real Madrid wanted me at any cost.

"They offered me £10.5m a year, the temptation was very strong.

"When we played against them there was Beckham, Raul, Zidane…

"They told me half-jokingly half-seriously, 'We know that there is a possibility that you will come and play with us. Hurry because Real Madrid is Real Madrid'."

He then stated that the only reason he didn't join Los Blancos was due to his love for Roma.

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A post shared by Ilary Blasi (@ilaryblasi)

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