A Place in the Suns Danni Menzies disappointed property tour cut short Step too far

A Place n the Sun: Buyers feel property is a step to far

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Danni Menzies was enlisted to help Diane and David from North Wales, who thought it was time for them to relocate to Spain. The couple were on the hunt for their dream home in Almeria and were shown five properties by Danni on Wednesday’s classic episode of Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun. Unfortunately though, the “tricky” pair proved to be hard work for the presenter, who was discouraged when Diane and David halted a viewing of one of the houses.

With a budget of £150,000, Diane and David were hoping Danni could find a property that meets all of their requirements.

But the pair had specific wants for their home which Danni found “tricky” to meet.

Problems arose with the third property, which was cut short by the husband and wife.

As Danni took the two upstairs, where the main living area was, she sensed a bad vibe from Diane.

The property expert commented: “It’s got some nice features that they’ve kept, doesn’t it?”

“It has got some nice features, nooks and crannies,” Diane agreed.

David remarked: “It’s very tastefully done.” However, Danni wasn’t convinced by their positive feedback.

“I’m not getting the same excitement off you and the same feeling of you we got in the previous property,” she admitted.

Looking apprehensive, Diane replied: “No, I think for me if I’m honest, the drive along the road – it feels more rural, more isolated.

“And I know that we want that but it just feels almost like it’s one step a little bit too far for me.”

She continued: “I think maybe the stairs are a little bit of an issue that I hadn’t considered, it’s probably going be a bit difficult with my knees if I’m honest.”

David added: “It’s going to come down to the practicalities of the amount of stairs, the isolation, driving back and forth.”

“So, would you like to see any more of this one?” Danni asked.

“I think probably not now,” David responded. “I think we’ve realised that what might be the dream, is an unpractical dream.”

Danni told the cameras that she’d expected this particular search to be “tricky” and that she was right.

“I’m really disappointed David and Diane didn’t like this beautifully-finished Cortijo,” she explained.

She added: “But I perfectly understand it’s the practicalities of it rather than what it’s got to offer that’s ruled it out.”

Another difficult element was that the husband and wife had very different tastes, which made it hard for the host to find a house that ticked all the boxes.

“They’re definitely getting the feel for different properties, I think Di and David have got a lot fo talking to do,” Danni told the cameras after the pair disagreed over which option was best.

After the tour of the fifth property, David said the home would be “in the running”, while Diane contradicted him.

When the time came to make a decision, the couple told Danni they had taken every property off the table.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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