Airlines Jane Boulton unrecognisable in TV return after 25 years as she goes viral on TikTok

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Jane Boulton first shot to fame back in 1999, after appearing on the reality TV show, Airline. The ITV show ran from 1998 to 2007 and followed the daily life of passengers, ground workers and flight crew of both Britannia Airways and EasyJet.

Jane joined the fly on the wall docuseries during season two at London Luton Airport. But after her stint on the show, by all accounts, she hasn't been on TV since.

However, thanks to social media and mainly TikTok, the former EasyJet worker has found fame for the second time 25 years later, after videos of the show – which heavily included Jane – went viral on the platform. Owing major gratitude to the power of the internet, Airline has now found a whole new generation of fans, with many also referring to Jane as an icon due to her meme-worthy one liners and no nonsense attitude.

The resurgence of the show also caught the attention of This Morning, and during today's episode, Jane appeared on the sofa to chat to hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond about how Gen Z have newly adopted it and claimed it as their own. All while looking completely unrecognisable from her EasyJet days when the public first knew her.

"The most bizarre thing is they say ‘my mum used to watch you, we think you are an icon’" she said, before adding: "Half them weren’t even born when it was on."

"It’s been a shock, a nice shock," she added, as she chatted away.

While talking on the daytime show, Jane also revealed to the hosts – and to fans both new and old – that the cast were never actually paid to be on the show. 

"We never expected it to be what it was," she recalled.

While Jane now runs a successful cake business – a far stretch away from the sassy customer service persona she was known for back in the day – it looks as though one of the original reality TV stars has now embraced Airline's second wind at fame. 

Currently, Jane has 38.2K followers on TikTok, plus an impressive 158.4K likes on the platform. As well as sharing throwbacks from the show and generally getting used to the fact that she's now a pop culture icon, the former airline worker is also using her new found status to promote her cake business. From Minnie Mouse themed offerings to personalised birthday cakes, one of her designs has racked up over 50K likes.

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