Andrew Castle in blistering take down of Djokovic arrest: Complete embarrassment!

Novak Djokovic had recently won his appeal against the Australian Government after being detained when entering the country without being vaccinated from coronavirus. However, in recent reports, Djokovic has allegedly been arrested once again and faces the threat of being deported from Australia and not be able to return for three years, putting a strain on his career, Former British Men’s Number One, Andrew Castle joined BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Nina Warhurst to discuss the latest developments.

Speaking about the latest arrest reports, Nina stated: “Just to be clear, we haven’t had that confirmed as yet.

“What does this story tell us about what might come next, not just for Novak Djokovic but for sportsmen and women around the world who need to be able to travel freely in order to take part in competitions?”

Andrew explained: “Well there is bound to be more of it in terms of Australia, you have the Formula One Grand Prix coming up in April, ultimately where does this whole story go?

“Are you going to be able to make the decision on your own vaccination or not? So we get into mandatory vaccination argument in effect because that is where the pressure is going.

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“The thing is how much political pressure was there on Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and the state of Victoria throughout this process?

“Did they act because they realised rightly I think there was public outrage that Novak Djokovic might be getting different treatment than anybody else?

“It appears to me to be a complete embarrassment for the Australian government I have to say, the judge has basically thrown this out and said, ‘What more could this man do?’, where they go next as a government I don’t know.

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