BBC News: Dan Waker shocks Breakfast viewers as he accidentally flashes racy snap

Dan Walker took BBC Breakfast viewers by surprise yesterday when he accidentally flashed a cheeky snap to the camera as he was discussing the day’s newspapers headlines. However the host didn’t realise his mistake until after he came off air and checked his Twitter account. 

The presenter was looking through the day’s papers when he found an article he wanted to show co-hosts Louise Minchin and Sally Nugent. 

Dan had been amused by a photo of a Yorkshire pudding that looked like a dog.

However a cheeky article on the other side of the newspaper caught viewers’ attention.

While Dan explained what had tickled him, viewers could see the bottom half of a model in a bikini. 


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Oblivious to the mistake, the presenter continued on with the show accidentally holding the snap up several times.

However when he came off he realised what he had inadvertently given viewers a glimpse of.

Dan tweeted: “Note to self: ALWAYS CHECK THE BACK #BBCBreakfast.”

BBC Breakfast viewers found the moment hilarious and took to social media to comment.

One said: “@mrdanwalker next time you carefully fold a newspaper to show an article you might want to check what’s on the back.”

Another added: “Could’t even tell what the dog was but I could deffo it was a lady in a bikini on the other side!”

“Made our morning will smile all day now thank you Dan,” a third said.

“I noticed this while watching this morning and laughed out loud! Surprised you didn’t have a director yelling in your earpiece. You do brighten up some mornings!” another tweeted.

The hilarious gaffe occurred while Dan showed his BBC co-hosts an amusing article.

He said: “I promised I show you earlier, I’ve built it up a bit too much now but there’s a picture in the paper I wanted to show you earlier on.

“It’s a Yorkshire pudding which looks like a dog.”

Louise interjected: “I said it didn’t look like a dog but now I can see it.”

Disagreeing, Sally said: “It looks exactly like a dog!”

“It just happened randomly?” she asked. “It’s not moulded to look like a dog.”


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Dan confirmed the Yorkshire pudding shape was an accident before revealing his own amusing food story. 

“I had a bit of ham once…” he began before Louise cut him off.

“Shall we just leave it there?” she remarked.

Dan continued: “I thought it looked like John Major but it didn’t.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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