BBC Strictlys Vito Coppola hugs Ellie Leach as she opens up on key part of relationship

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola opened up about their relationship, as Ellie shared that trust has been a key part of their partnership.

The pair have proved fan-favourites on this year's Strictly Come Dancing, and have even been the subject of romance rumours in recent weeks – something neither of them has confirmed nor denied.

Discussing their dance partnership with Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday's Lorraine, 21 November, Ellie revealed she trusts Vito completely, as she explained: "Every week, even when we've got lifts and stuff, Vito just says to be 'do this' and I just say 'okay.'

"Because he's the professional, he knows exactly what he's doing and we've been dancing together for weeks now and you do have to trust each other to be able to put on a performance.

"The main thing about us and our partnership is trust."

Lorraine then referenced the romance rumours, asking the pair: "Look, both of you are single, everybody wants a romance, you're getting on incredibly well… now, look, whatever happens between you, clearly there's a bond there, there's a really good bond. You're going to be friends forever?"

However, both Vito and Ellie ignored the romance reference, as Vito replied: "Not just Ellie, Ellie's family, it's become another family for me.

"Honestly, I've been so so lucky because they are so wonderful and your mum does the best gravy ever. Oh my gosh, I ate an entire pot, honestly! Yes, of course, mates, friends, people who stay in your life forever!"

As the pair appeared via video link from their dance rehearsals, Vito and Ellie shared a hug as Vito kept his arm around her for much of the conversation.

Ellie and Vito have continued to fuel romance rumours since they were paired together for this year's Strictly, and have been showing their fondness for each other both on and off-screen.

And Vito’s exuberant hugs and kisses at the end of dances have led fans to speculate the couple are already an item.

However, Ellie insists their triumphant kisses are just a sign of their deep friendship, telling OK!: “It was only a kiss on the cheek.

"He gives me a kiss on the cheek every Saturday! It was definitely on the cheek."

Despite Ellie's kiss comments, romance rumours have only continued to swirl, even more so when former Strictly contestant Amanda Abbington appeared to confirm that they are indeed dating when she called the pair a "beautiful couple."

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