BBC viewers switch off as fans blast Michael McIntyres new look

Michael McIntyre dresses up as a coach called Logan

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The hour-long programme saw Michael McIntyre welcoming Stacey Dooley into the studio to take part in the comedian’s risky game Send to All. The BBC programme also saw a performance from The Voice judge Olly Murs, while Alexander Armstrong was left in shock when he played Michael’s Midnight Gameshow

Michael also surprised a pair of Unexpected Stars of the Show who were invited to perform at the end of the show.

However, Michael didn’t get off to the best of starts as the programme descended into chaos.

The presenter struggled to use Stacey’s phone, and he even had to pull in a crewmember from the side of the stage to help him.

Eventually, Michael was able to navigate the phone to send an embarrassing message to all of Stacey’s contacts.

During a surprise segment, Michael transformed into Logan Harvey an athletics coach in a bid to surprise sisters, Gabriella and Jasmine.

The comedian underwent a massive makeover for the segment, where he donned a blonde wig, moustache, glasses, and a green tracksuit.

He even put on an Australian accent to disguise his voice.

After pulling a series of pranks on the siblings, Michael revealed why he was really there.

However, the programme left viewers divided and many took to social media to share their thoughts.

Some viewers were unhappy with Michael’s transformation, while others claimed to “switch off” after 20 minutes.

Bob fumed: “Just watched 20 minutes of Michael McIntyre Big Show…..what a sack of s**t!”

Referencing his make-over, Jemmo -said: “Michael McIntyre is wearing a 70s tracksuit. Did the BBC learn nothing?”

While Robert Lewis added: “Michael McIntyre is absolutely s***e.”

Gary P Jeffrey tweeted: “Just caught a snippet of that Michael McIntyre show… I assume you watch that if you have one brain cell or less?!!!”

“Michael McIntyre anyone? Not for me. Absolute s**t,” @campsiebear commented.

Callum went on to say: “The BBC will do anything to make sure Michael McIntyre has a job.” (sic)

Other fans found the entire segment hilarious, with Sue Tait tweeting: “Absolutely howling.”

Lotty said: “Quality comedy gold. Logan need I say more.” (sic)

While Sue-Lee Freeman added: “Logan Harvey? Blonde Stephen Graham with the wrong accent Brilliant!”

Over the past few weeks, the BBC variety show has sparked a backlash from viewers.

Most recently, viewers slammed the Unexpected Star of The Show segment, branding it “scripted” and “fake”.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show returns on Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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