Below Deck Sailing Yacht left ‘emotional’ after Chef Marcos breaks down ‘Hurts my soul’

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 trailer from Bravo TV

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Bravo’s Below Deck spin-off took a mellow turn this week as the crew members traded in their usual booze-fuelled drama for a fun relay race. While fans were delighted to see a lighter cast, many of them became emotional after watching Chef Marcos shed tears for matters beyond his control.

When Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned to screens for season three in February, viewers were introduced to Chef Marcos Spaziani, who was a newcomer.

After 10 years in the industry, he decided to take on the challenge and join the charter where he would make food for the affluent guests onboard the Parsifal III.

Though the job can be demanding, Chef Marcos usually kept a cool head and his kitchen under control.

However, in the most recent episode titled ‘Salty Seamen’ viewers were taken aback and became emotional after watching Marcos break down after suffering a huge loss.

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During the episode, the chef received some devastating news about his best friend’s mother who had passed away.

Although the show had to go on, fans could see there was a difference in Marcos who had no time to grieve or react to the loss.

First Mate Gary King, found Marcos on the top deck, where he confided in his fellow crew member.

This is where viewers learned Marcos was even more heartbroken because his friend wasn’t able to leave Miami and travel home to Venezuela to be with family, due to immigration issues.

As Gary tried to console Marcos, the chef shared the same thing happened to him when his grandparent passed away.

Despite this, Marcos decided to throw himself into work and carry on cooking, but fans were heartbroken to watch him sob during the confessional.

Marcos revealed he couldn’t imagine losing his own mother, not being able to be with family and wished for it to not happen to him.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their devastation for Marcos, including @RamPaige87 who stated they were: “Literally crying with Marcos.”

Another emotional fan added: “Marcos crying hurts my soul to the core, he deserves to be protected at all costs.”

@AimeemayB tweeted: “I haven’t seen Marcos break. He’s so sweet and an amazing chef !!”

@Sunnyda65652952 commended the chef: “Poor Marcos. He’s such a rockstar pulling off his job 1000 percent while going through one of the hardest parts of life.”

The viewer continued: “Still wowed the charter guests, such a professional.”

While @BrittanyFife73 disclosed: “I freaking ADORE Marcos. Hate seeing him so stressed, but know he’s gonna kill it like always!”

After the chef cooked through his grief, he received a huge compliment from primary guest and tech entrepreneur Lane Merrifield.

Who stated: “I’m going to be keeping an eye out, my friend, because I expect to see the word ‘Michelin star’ somewhere next to your name very soon. Every dish totally redeemed the wind and the weather.”

As a result, the crew received the biggest tip of the season which was $23,000 (£18,352.94), or $2,555 (£2,045.88) each.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is available on Bravo in the US and in the UK on Hayu.

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