Ben Shephard’s brutal take to GMB co-star Kate Garraway: ‘You’re dangerous!’

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Ben Shephard, 45, stars on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ alongside a roster of hosts including Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. The TV star has taken over the main presenting responsibility alongside Kate Garraway in the absence of his colleagues, who are on holiday. While on the popular morning show Ben has been responsible for a number of cheeky back-and-forths with his fellow stars and in one notable incident he branded Kate “dangerous”.

The comical swipe came after Tom Cruise teased the possibility of a sequel for the US blockbuster ‘Top Gun’ – ahead of the release of 2020 follow-up ‘Maverick’.

Presenters commented that it “wasn’t a no” to the possibility of the sequel in 2016 before reporter Sean Fletcher quipped: “That’s not Naked Gun Kate.”

She went on to reveal that she was “absolutely obsessed” with the original 1986 fighter-jet action drama and read comments aloud from her social media feed.

Kate said: “I’ve got lots of other lines that people remember that I’ve forgotten, ‘Yeehaw Jester’s dead’, remember that? ‘Your body is writing cheques’… no no…”

She was interrupted by Ben who corrected her: “Your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash.”

Kate burst into laughter at her blunder before Ben continued to deliver a cutting snipe at his co-host. 

He said: “There’s one that I found from the film that seems to reflect our life together on television.

“When the Iceman is having a go at Maverick ‘You’re everyone’s problem that’s because every time you go on air you’re unsafe! I don’t like you because you’re dangerous!’”

Kate’s mouth was left agape by the comment, before she cheekily sought to clarify: “Dangerous in a kind of sexy way or dangerous in an explosive, difficult way?”

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Quoting an infamous Meg Ryan line from the film, he quipped: “Take me to bed or lose me forever.”

They all laughed hysterically as Kate played-up to the gag when she said: “Oh my goodness, this is the happiest day of my life.”

Sean Fletcher joked about their flirty chemistry: “You want me to go? I feel like a right gooseberry here.”

As Ben concluded the segment by asking viewers to send in their favourite lines Kate continued with another joke.

In a quip about her age, she said: “Unfortunately he would need to put the electric blanket on… I’m just going to think about that line for a while.”

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