'Big Brother 21' Fans Are Angry That the Show Isn't Airing Jack Matthews' Intense HOH from the Live Feeds

The show of Big Brother 21 can often be different from the live feeds. That’s because fewer things can be filtered out when you watch the cast in real time.

Fans aren’t happy with how things are being edited in Jack Matthews’ Head of Household (HOH) week. Find out the two main things that were cut out and more.

Fans petitioned to get rid of Jack Matthews after his comments about Kemi Fakunle

Matthews was previously getting compared to Aquaman lovingly from fans, but that quickly changed after they were watching the live feeds. They started calling for his removal from the show after his comments about Kemi Fakunle.

“Jack Matthews has said numerous racist things and has been very aggressive towards the only black woman in the Big Brother house, including saying he wants to ‘stomp a mud hole through her chest.’ He needs to be expelled for Kemi’s safety and to show that it’s not okay to be racist in 2019, especially on tv,” reads a petition.

He is still on the show and even won HOH after the backlash. Fans are now angry about what the show isn’t airing from the live feeds.

Fans aren’t happy that his house meeting wasn’t shown

Shortly after the backlash, it was revealed that Matthews won the HOH competition and has even more power in the house. A twist was also revealed the first four evicted houseguests won’t be leaving but will be staying in Camp Comeback. Eventually, they will fight for one person to join the game.

The live feeds showed that Matthews called for a house meeting. There he suggested that no one still in the game talk strategy with anyone in Camp Comeback. He noted that this rule isn’t required, but he is requesting it.

Ovi Kabir and David Alexander are currently in Camp Comeback. Many fans weren’t happy that Matthews was trying to influence the house this way. Also, not everyone was shown actually following this “rule.”

Cliff Hogg III was seen telling Kabir that he’ll continue to talk game with him. It was also shown in the show that Kathryn Dunn is talking a bit of game with Alexander.

The actual house meeting wasn’t shown in the July 7th episode at all. Fans were angry about this along with a possible other reason for Fakunle going on the block being hidden.

They also are angry that the reason behind Kemi’s nomination wasn’t shown

The July 7th episode showed Matthews making a decision of who to put on a block being the HOH. It also showed the women in the house coming together and forming an all-women alliance. Isabella Wang then revealed to Matthews that the alliance formed and Jessica Milagros is the head of it.

Matthews put Milagros and Fakunle up on the block. Fans are angry that the show made it seem like the alliance was the reason he targeted them instead of showing his comments about Faknule that seemed really personal.

It’s unknown if any of this will make it into the show in the future, but it looks like it won’t be for now. Fans will have to wait and see if Milagros or Fakunle will be able to survive at the end of the week.

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