'Blue Bloods': Joe Hill Disappears in the Season 11 Finale

Blue Bloods Season 11 is going to have a dramatic ending. Joe Hill (Will Hochman) hasn’t appeared in an episode for some time, but now he’s really disappearing in the finale, and the Reagans will have to search for him.

Joe Hill distanced himself from the Reagans on ‘Blue Bloods’

Joe Hill was introduced last season as the son of Joe Reagan. “Triumph Over Trauma” showed him working closely with Jamie (Will Estes) to find Danny (Donnie Wahlberg). They were successful, but by the end of the episode, Joe didn’t join the family for dinner.

He finally joined them again in “In the Name of the Father” and his mother, who was more hesitant to get close to the Reagans again. That dinner was soured when his big Reagan secret was revealed to everyone else.

In “Atonement,” Joe struggled with everyone knowing this. He stopped going to dinner and took a break from his job. Fans haven’t seen Joe again since then, and the rest of the family hasn’t mentioned him.

Joe Hill disappears in the ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 finale

It looks like Joe is back at work, and things aren’t going well. Executive producer Kevin Wade teased that the finale will be about saving him on his latest mission.

The special agent he works for, Rachel Weber (Gloria Reuben), tries to get him back home safely after he disappears. Of course, the Reagans can’t help but get involved when it’s one of their own, and it sounds like that might cause problems.

“She and Frank (Tom Selleck) have a two-part battle because they obviously both have claims to this young detective,” Wade told TV Insider. “They’re sort of cast in the role of divorced parents who share custody and argue over what’s best for the kid.”

Wade claims Selleck and Reuben’s chemistry is fun. Fans will have to watch the episode to see where that chemistry goes.

Will Joe Hill be in ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12?

It has been announced Blue Bloods will be getting another season, according to Deadline, Fans might be wondering if Joe will be returning.

There hasn’t been any news of the cast changing for the next season so it’s assumed the main cast members will be returning. Fans can hope this also means they’ll also see Joe Hill a few episodes again in season 12.

Fans still have yet to see Joe get completely comfortable with the Reagans. So there is a big opportunity for him to grow in the future.

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