Cain squares up to Caleb over sudden donation and mystery move in Emmerdale

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is certain that Caleb Milligan (William Ash) is up to no good after he put forward a deal to try and save Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) business.

Suffice to say Caleb still isn’t top of Cain and Moira’s Christmas card list after the ordeal surrounding Home Farm. Caleb attempted to destroy Kim (Claire King) and take everything she owns but at the same time, also managed to convince Moira to sell Butlers to her, which would’ve left him with two farms in his name if the plan was a success.

Except it wasn’t.

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Because Caleb failed miserably, he is now working hard to make it up to the people he’s hurt.

He attempted to show he was genuine by speaking to Tracy (Amy Walsh) about her idea to build a nursery in the village. Caleb said that he could invest money into the plan but Tracy initially declined, aware working with Caleb would put her in Cain’s bad books.

Elsewhere, even though Moira has her farm back, she is still seriously struggling to keep her head above water. She was talking to Nate (Jurell Carter) tonight (July 21) about turning the roles he and Mack (Lawrence Robb) have into one job share, and also admitted she goes shopping with a calculator now just to stay on budget.

Caleb’s proposition to help was floating around Moira’s head throughout the episode. She knew that it would massively benefit Butlers, but couldn’t reach a decision because of Cain’s opinions on his brother.

Eventually, Moira concluded that she would accept Caleb’s deal after all, which involved him putting a large sum of cash into her account so she could rebuild things.

As they shook hands, Moira left the kitchen and left Caleb with his angry sibling.

Cain told Caleb that he knows what he’s up to, but the businessman said that all he’s focusing on his helping his family, and that Cain should stop looking for traps that don’t exist.

So, who should we believe?

Is Cain right to be worried, or is Caleb desperately trying to become a trustworthy member of the Dingle clan?

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