Carol Kirkwood looks unrecognisable in throwback BBC Breakfast picture

BBC Breakfast: Throwback pictures of presenters in the eighties

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Meteorologist Carol Kirkwood is BBC Breakfast’s main weather presenter, and viewers enjoy her daily reports. On Monday’s show, they got to see Carol during the 1980s as the programme shared a throwback snap of the 60-year-old. The forecaster looked unrecognisable in the nostalgic pictures.

After a 1980s-themed segment was shown, presenters Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson began to show old snaps of all the broadcasters.

“See if we can guess who this is,” Sally remarked as the screen showed a dark-haired young woman wearing a red hairband.

She added: “Aw, I think I know who that beauty is.”

“Love that headband,” Ben chimed before Sally revealed: “It’s our gorgeous Carol.”

“She looks exactly the same,” Sally commented, with Ben agreeing: “She does. She hasn’t changed one bit.”

“Who do you think this is?” Carol asked viewers as an image of a young blonde boy with a cat filled the screen.

“Who could that be?” Ben joked, to which Sally added: “Shall we reveal the answer? It is in fact you!”

“Look at that carpet, look at the TV!” Ben pointed out. “That’s my gran’s cat, Lucy.”

Another picture revealed Nina Warhurst as a child, with one of Sally following.

“I still love a shirt dress,” Sally remarked at her photo.

The broadcasters invited viewers to send in their own 80s snaps, which were shown later in the show.

Sally and Ben shared a giggle as they talked through the snaps.

“We told you to send some in and boy, did you send them in,” Ben stated.

One, in particular, made the broadcasters laugh as viewer Michelle sent a picture of herself.

“Are you ready for some good hair?” Sally asked, before showing Michelle’s picture.

It depicted her with a huge hair do and Sally revealed: “Well done Michelle for sharing, because she says she still has a giggle and doesn’t mind if we have a giggle as well.”

“I like Michelle for sending that,” Sally added before Ben agreed: “We do, yeah, top marks Michelle, thank you.”

Other pictures showed more 80s styles, toys and more.

As the team cut to Morning Live, host Gethin Jones admitted: “We’re still getting over Michelle’s hair! We thought it was a hat!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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