Charles Hanson shares best moment from Bargain Hunt It was outrageous

Bargain Hunt: Charles Hanson says he is ‘nervous’

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In a recent episode of Bargain Hunt, Charles Hanson’s red team members, Geraldine and Washington, were the first couple in history to face a penalty as they didn’t fulfil the show’s brief. Eric Knowles informed the couple they had failed the task and gave them a penalty which gave them a massive setback. The Bargain Hunt first was described by Charles as his “best” moment ever as he encouraged his Twitter followers to tune in to the episode.

As the red team were dashing about trying to find the best items to take to auction with the hopes of making the biggest profit, Washington and Geraldine came to a loggerhead.

During their hunt, Washington found an old suitcase that would have been used in the 60s and 70s and was quite worn down.

He held up the find to show Charles and Geraldine, to which Charles asked: “How much is it?”

“£65,” he responded, but before either he or Charles could make a decision for the team, Geraldine swooped in and demanded: “No, come on.”

Laughing at her abruptness, Charles replied: “Do you like it?” to which she walked off and exclaimed: “No.”

“Oh, she is going, pack your bags, come on, we’re off,” Charles told Washington as they continued their search.

Speaking to the camera about their progress, Charles said: “It’s getting to that point now where I am getting quite nervous.

“Washington is really trying hard to deliver objects which are not going down very well with Geraldine, and it’s all becoming a bit of a muddle, really.”

Promoting the episode before it aired on BBC One, Charles took to his Twitter account @HansonsAuctions and claimed this was the “best” moment in his career.

He tweeted: “This was the moment in my @BBCBargainHuntcareer. It was outrageous what happened !! Do tune in !!”

After a long day of searching for the best items, Washington and Geraldine were shocked to find out they had failed to fulfil the Bargain Hunt brief.

Eric revealed: “I’ve got to say you have made Bargain Hunt history by virtue of you only managing to buy two items.

“And the fact you were unable to buy your big spend and your big challenge means that you get penalised, I’m sorry to say.

“The ruling is that, because you didn’t do the £75 spend, you start with minus £75.”

The pair were stunned at the revelation and couldn’t believe their hard work hadn’t paid off.

Charles chipped in: “We’ve got the hope. The only way is up!”

Geraldine and Washington brought a pair of tennis rackets and a rare Doulton jug, however, after pricing, they only managed to get themselves to minus £54.

In true Bargain Hunt style, the pair were given a lifeline and were asked if they wanted to sell Charles’ bonus buy, which was an Art Deco clock costing £200.

Charles explained to the pair: “When you want to buy something Art Deco, it’s always in demand.”

Washington commented: “It’s a nice decorative piece,” and luckily their risk paid off as the clock sold for £380, and the couple ended with an overall profit of £130.

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays from 12.15 pm on BBC One.

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