Chris Harrison's Future as 'Bachelor' Host Unclear Amid Reports He's Moving to Texas

Truly, what would The Bachelor and The Bachelorette be without Chris Harrison? This dude has been lurking on set of ABC’s long-running reality franchise for years, but his future as host appears to be uncertain amid reports that he’s packing his bags and moving to Texas.

Page Six was the first to report this news, saying that Chris is building a home in Austin’s trendy Barton Creek area. On top of that, the reality star (who’s originally from Texas) has a son who’s currently at school in Dallas—so he has a major reason to be in the state.

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The most recent Bachelorette season provided a glimpse at what the franchise might look like without Chris as host, when he left to take his son to college and was briefly replaced by JoJo Fletcher.

Of course, it’s hardly unusual for a celebrity to own more than one home, so it’s possible that Chris is simply building himself a vacation spot. TBD, but at this time The Bachelor’s longtime host hasn’t commented on speculation so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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