Coronation Street danger for Sean as Laurence’s past is ‘exposed’

Corrie: Sean Tully goes on a date with Laurence

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Coronation Street favourite Sean Tully (played by Antony Cotton) could soon meet his demise in the ITV soap as scenes set to air next week reveal his partner has a sinister background. After Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) previously aired his suspicions over Coronation Street newcomer Laurence Reeves’ (Robert Shaw Cameron) late wife, he was told to be quiet. However, it seems as though he may have been correct to be worried.

Although Sean has been unlucky in love over the past few years, things finally started to be looking up for the Underworld machinist when newbie Laurence showed up.
Despite being shrouded in mystery, revealing his wife had died after tragically falling from a mountain, Sean took a liking to Weatherfield’s newest arrival.
However, his friend Todd wasn’t so keen on Laurence and quickly questioned the truth behind the story of his wife’s death.
Not wanting to upset Sean, he decided to stop looking into Laurence’s past but next week he becomes concerned once more.

As Todd pulls up in a taxi with Eileen (Sue Cleaver), Sean and his new beau can be seen nearby with the driver immediately recognising Laurence.
Warning his two passengers, he told them their friend needs to watch his back, raising alarm bells for the pair.
Outside of the Rovers, Todd tells Sean about the odd interaction as the machinist grabs his phone and finds a photo of the cab driver called Mitch.
Showing Laurence a photo of him, his boyfriend makes out he has no idea who it is and is adamant he’s never seen him.

Back at No.11, Eileen does some digging and discovers an image of Laurence and his late wife who has her arm around a third man, Mitch the cab driver.
Sean fights Laurence’s corner telling his friends they’re wrong about his partner and that he’s booked them a mini-break away.
With suspicions growing, Eileen and Todd track down Mitch who reveals he and Laurence were having an affair when his wife fell down the mountain.
Fear sets in when he adds he believes foul play was at hand and suspects Laurence pushed her.

Breaking the news to Sean about what they’ve learnt, he’s left uneasy when Laurence shares the break they’re going to involves mountains.
Later on in the cafe, Laurence shares there’s no phone signal where they’re staying as the village is in the middle of nowhere.
A theory by suggests Sean tries to put his fears to one side as he prepares for the relaxing break.
Although when the duo are alone, Sean brings up the topic of Lindsey’s death as he sees a shift in Laurence’s attitude and demeanour.

All alone with no signal with a potential killer, could Sean’s life be in danger? Is there more to Lindsey’s death than he’s aware of?
Elsewhere in the soap, it looks like another murder could be on the cards after killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) had a spat with David Platt (Jack P Shepherd).
After talking Audrey (Sue Nicholls) out of giving money to David to help get his son out of prison, David was furious at him for getting involved and pushed him into the cupboards.
With viewers aware of Stephen’s temper, fans fear David’s life could be on the line.
Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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