Corrie Stephen caught by Sarah, EastEnders Theo twist and 23 more soap spoilers

The devilish schemers of soap are up to no good next week, while the genre is also home to some rare good news for one couple, plus an important outing that’s not to be missed.

Stephen Reid yet again schemes in Coronation Street, but his days could be numbered with Sarah Platt on his tracks. Over in EastEnders, Theo Hawthorne agrees to tutor Lily Slater, but does he have ulterior motives?

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, is home to another groundbreaking episode, entitled What’s Your Normal, which sees a group of village residents cross paths on separate journeys of self-discovery following a diagnosis.

More on that later.

In Emmerdale, Dawn and Billy Fletcher are elated when they discover that they’re going to be parents once again.

For all this and more, check out our bumper weekend guide, teasing you with all the twists and turns for next week, so you’d better get stuck in as you may be here a while!


1. Kim is in a high state of anxiety on the morning of the sentencing, with Howie and Denise doing everything they can to reassure her. Kim, however, is insistent that she might go to prison. At court, Denzel reads his statement, but when the prosecution plays footage of the accident, Kim has a full-blown panic attack.

2. Lola’s loved ones gather at the salon on what would have been her 27th birthday and Denise unveils a plaque on Lola’s chair, dedicated to their lost friend.

3. Patrick returns home, shocked to find out that Denise and Jack’s marriage is on the rocks, offering counsel to Jack, advising him to show Denise just how much he loves her, but will the policeman take his advice?

4. Lily is signed off school by the midwife until she’s given birth, leaving her concerned. Stacey, meanwhile, conspires to get Theo to tutor Lily while she’s off. Martin, however, has his suspicions about why Theo agreed to do such a thing, as he digs for information and, discovering that Theo bought Lily the trainers, he confronts the teacher, throwing around some accusations.

5. Chelsea is distracted by a letter from Gray. Ravi tries to offer a shoulder to cry on, but Chelsea dismisses his efforts to get back into her good books. 

6. Elaine decides to be fairy godmother to Walford’s other brides Kathy, Sharon and Kat by helping them organise their nuptials at her ‘Bride Club’, but the sniping comments start flying between Kat and Sharon, until one totally out-of-order remark prompts Sharon to storm out.

7. Whitney organises a moving-in party for Zack.

Coronation Street

8. Paul is touched when the chilli-eating competition raises £800, but he’s left upset when Billy and Bernie start arguing over religion versus crystals, leading him to storm out, ending up at a hotel where he meets Zac, an old flame, with one thing leading to another. Paul wakes up with a hangover, realising that the charity money has been stolen, with subsequent scenes seeing him confess to Billy that he got drunk with an old flame and things got out of hand.

9. Stephen takes advantage of the situation when Tim reveals he’s not interested in attending Elaine’s wedding due to his dislike of the groom, with the killer starting to plant seeds of doubt about his bride-to-be’s wellbeing, telling Dr Gaddas that he reckons she’s depressed, before hinting at such a thing to Sally too.

10. Carla demands a meeting with Seagull LTD, with Stephen managing to rope in ex-wife Gabrielle, who poses as a consultant for the fake company under the condition that he make it worth her while. Carla is taken in by Gabrielle’s sterling performance over the Zoom call, but is the game finally up for Stephen once Sarah returns for her laptop?

11. Ryan confides in Carla that he knows it’s time he returned to work, but he dreads being in the public eye. Despite his concerns, he calls at the bistro and tells Leanne he’d like to return to work. When a customer complains about Ryan’s facial scars, Leanne leaps to his defence, claiming he’s a hero. Having caught the end of her outburst, Ryan hurries out.

12. Gemma is stressed out with five kids to look after, breaking down to Rita, admitting that she’s utterly exhausted, struggling to deal with Paul’s illness and feels like she did when she had postnatal depression. Rita urges her to talk to Dr Gaddas. Later in the week, Gemma briefly closes her eyes while looking after Bertie, who empties her bag and finds her antidepressants. As Daniel and Daisy arrive, they’re unimpressed to find Gemma asleep on the sofa, as they realise that Bertie has eaten the tablets.

13. Adam admits to Daniel that as much as he loves Sarah, he’s struggling to trust her and doesn’t like her spending so much time with Owen. He calls at the factory with lunch, but when he finds out that she’s at the Chariot Square Hotel with Owen, he’s struggles to contain his anxiety.

14. Yasmeen and Roy get fully immersed in the Rovers quiz, and Stu feels left out as a result.


15. Cain and Moira are left concerned when they find out that Nate is heading straight for the town hall, fearing that he’s going to fight for custody of Frankie. Upon arriving at the town hall, they spot Tracy outside in a wedding dress with an attractive man, coming to believe that Nate is there to stop the wedding. Cain acts in the heat of the moment, kidnapping Nate, knocking him unconscious and dragging him to the van. When he wakes up, Nate is aghast to find out what they’ve done.

16. Kim is stunned to find a pregnancy test in the bin, but Gabby dismisses her suspicions. Dawn, meanwhile, is sick, which leads Kim to realise that the test belongs to her, with Dawn sharing the news with Billy, who is overjoyed.

17. Victor encourages Naomi, who is in debt, to accept some of Vinny’s cash, which he offers to lend her. Naomi accepts the money, but she’s taken aback when Victor suggests she spend it as opposed to using it to pay off her debts. Her attention, however, is soon elsewhere when she’s accused of giving Victor free pints, which leads her to quit her job and storm out. Fuming over what has transpired, Naomi is tempted to listen to her granddad, taking the money and ditching the village to live her life.

18. Laurel wants to help improve relations between Rishi and Jai. Jai, however, is dismissive. Rishi, meanwhile, is hopeful for a reconciliation with his son, but will his hopes be dashed?

19. Dan is stunned when Lloyd makes a complaint to the police about his threats. PC Swirling encourages him to not take the law into his own hands, but Lloyd shows up in the village, approaching Amelia, much to Dan’s horror, as he snaps and punches Lloyd!

20. Wendy is excited to continue her affair with Liam, despite Victoria being under the impression that the romance is over.


21. Joel receives a shock diagnosis when he discovers that he has Type 1 diabetes during a special episode, which uses the lived experience from those in front and behind of the camera. A group of the show’s residents come together as their paths cross on separate journeys of self-discovery, with Oscar and Brooke offering advice to Yazz, while Lacey helps Maxine, who is outraged after Minnie is excluded from a swimming class.

22. Juliet’s funeral is the subject of much discussion, as James insists on a more traditional send-off, with everyone wearing black. Romeo disagrees, as does Peri, knowing it’s not what Jules would’ve wanted, refusing to cave to his orders. Despite the conflict, however, everyone comes together for Juliet, as her funeral takes place, though Romeo’s absence doesn’t go unnoticed.

23. Donna-Marie hits rock bottom, destroying a planter that Rayne and Nadira brought over as a memorial. With her family offering support, the gym owner decides to confide in Romeo about her struggles, but when she realises what he’s going through, she refrains from opening up. Leela, Joel and Romeo are left spooked when Donna-Marie later vanishes and, as they force their way into the gym, they find her overdosing.

24. Ella finds a brand-new prom dress on her doorstep as a gift from an anonymous source, and she has a good idea as to who’s behind it. Later, she thanks Charlie for the gift and leads him upstairs, with Charlie subsequently sneaking out, before trying to cover his tracks with Shing Lin.

25.Felix spends some quality time with his son. DeMarcus receives a call offering him a space at a summer in camp in America.

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