Corries Phill secretly filming Fiz as fans twig sinister hidden camera twist

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Coronation Street fans are sure that Phill Whittaker could be lying about the repairs needed for the new house, as they suspect he is secretly filming Fiz to sell stories to the media.

The money could help fund the much-needed home repairs.

In tonight's episode (June 13), Phill and Fiz agreed to move into Tyrone's place as the dodgy electrics at the new house are making it unliveable – and a danger especially for Hope and Ruby.

But fans are now sure it could all be a ruse to push Fiz into selling her story about her serial killer ex John Stape, after Phill admitted he wanted to write a true crime book about the affair.

And some even think hidden cameras might have been set up around the new house to capture some of it on film – which is why Phill wanted him and Fiz to stay there.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one eagle-eyed fan wrote: "Electrically a death trap – Fiz I think there is something is not right with Phill. He will push you to media to make money!"

Another then agreed: "Phill’s setting up cams so he can sell films of John Stape’s wife to his dodgy mates!"

"Why is Fiz still with Phil? He is so dodgy!" someone else ranted.

Another sinisterly predicted: "New idea for a storyline – Housewarming party in Fiz and Phil’s house: everyone in Corrie invited. But the dodgy electrics haven’t been fixed correctly and (insert character names here) meet their makers."

Others are predicting that Fiz moving back in with Tyrone could signal nothing more dodgy than her getting back with her ex – as sparks have been flying between the pair since their split.

Tyrone has been a shoulder to cry on for Fiz, and even talked Phill – albeit accidentally – in proposing to his new fiancée.

But after Tyrone cheated on Fiz with Alina, could the couple be in for a lasting love, or are they doomed forever?

It comes after Jamie Kenna told The Mirror that Phill's in for more trouble with John's daughter, Hope: "You always get drama with Hope, that's the way she is wired. She has already smashed my car up! She's always up to mischief, but we will see what happens."

He added: "I think Phill is genuinely a nice guy. No matter what people think or suspect of him, so he sees the good in people. He's just a good guy."

But is he covering for his character's darkest secrets? Only time will tell.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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